Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


8. Hanging out

Aleah's POV
we were looking around the boys really big dressing room!
Toe-doe I have a feeling we are Not in Kansas any more!? I said to Danie.
who just started laughing.
I just smiled and sat on the couch in between Niall and a pouting Lou.
Way are you pouting like that?
Paul did not carry me bridle stile!
After he said that I just started to laugh.
When I started to laugh Lou smiled.
Hey guy I made her laugh!
No really! Said Danie sarcastically and roiled her eyes at him
So what do you girls want to do today? Said Zayn 
Lets watch movie!! Lou said all exited!
Are you a girl Said Liam?
What kind of Q is that!
Because Zayn said girls so are you a girl? Said Niall trying not to laugh.
Oh in that case yes yes I I'm Lou said in a girly voice.

Ok the guys what do you want to do?
let's just go shopping Danie said!
Then Lou scream YES!!!!
Ok then lets go!! Said Liam.
Hey we should take the van! Said Harry.
I'm driving! Lou yelled really loud.
We all got in the van I was siting in the 
Way back row with Niall.
Danie and Harry were in the first row
And Zayn and Liam were in the secant row.
Niall and I were talking about random stuff!
Dang I really like this guy he is really funny and wearied but really cute!
I hope he likes me back!






hope this is a good chapter!!
Love Aleah Grace



Peace out frizzies ;P

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