Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


10. Eating with Niall!!

Niall's POV It will be about a five minute wait. Is that ok? Yeah it's fine thank you. When I came back to where Aleah was sitting she was texting on her phone and smiling at some thing? Hey it's going to be about a five minutes. Oh that's good. Not to be nosey or any thing but who where you text? I was know scared that she had a boy friend! Oh just like best friend in the holed wide world!! And that is? Alanna!! She is like one of the funniest people i know! Oh kool. I was sooo relived that she did not have a boy friend! Horan! Table for two? That would be me I said and stood up and Aleah did the same. Then we walked to the table and sat down. We were looking at the menu. Well Aleah I already now what I want. We ordered are food and started to talk about random stuff. Really you did that! I said to her. Yep and I'm proud of it! So what she did was. when people came on to the elevator she would shake there hands and intrados her self and when they pushed a button she would make exploding sounds and fall to the ground and said the hoarier!!! It was kinda funny when we got to there floor they ran of like some one tried to shoot them! I did allot of other things to but that was the funniest one. Wow I can't even pitcher you doing that! Ha ha ya when I did it with Alanna she was like oh my gosh I do not know you!!! I said that's what happens when you let me drink five cups of coffee!! I found out allot about Aleah In the last hour or so. Her favorite Things are reading, White flowers, the color blue, chicken, drawing and painting, and her fav book is Anne Of Green Gables (shocker right). And she hates , milk, cheese that is plane, bananas, the wanted, Spoons!! (Ok that one was a joke) Well we should go track down the boys and Danie. Aleah said so we got out of Nandos (after paying). You know I could of paid right? Aleah said Ya I know but it's fun to treat people. I said. Well thank you Niall it was really nice of you. You are welcome. We were just smiling at each other. I was just about to ask her if she would like to go on a date when she said look its Louis!! Cures you Lou!! I said in my head! He was in a store looking at stuff. Lets go scare him Aleah said in a exited voice! Ya sure that would be funny. So we snuck up behind him and yelled CARROT MAN!!! He freaked out and dropped all the stuff he was holding (witch was allot) and ran away from us with out looking at us. So he did not know who yelled at him. It was pretty stinken funny!! Aleah's POV So after we fond Lou again then we found zany and Liam. Zany was at a hat store and Liam was at a video game store. We were still looking for Harry and Danie. Gosh we have looked every were for them!!!! Yelled Lou Then Liam gasped!! What? We all said Look over there!! Liam said We all looked over were Liam was looking. We were all shocked and a little dumfounded.
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