Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


2. Day off

Aleah's POV
I woke up to the smell of Bernt toast and was like really!! I got up and speed walked to the kitchen and looked at Danie and the puff of smoke in the kitchen and was like what the heck happened in hear!! 
I was trying to make breakfast but I fell asleep. I just laughed and said to here let me help ok? 
No prob. 
We made eggs and toast and sat on are back porch to eat so are creepy naeber would not talk to us!! 
He is the creepiest person I have ever met and I work at a restating!! 
When we finished eating breakfast we went back in.
and just in case you were wondering?
wy we did not talk at breakfast it's because I'm not a morning person so that means do not talk to me in the morning. got that! 
Then I whent back to my room to git ready I got on a tee shirt that had Niall Horan on it and dark blue jeans and black boots and then I brushed my teeth ,washed my face ,got my make up on and curled my hair.
I left my room and sat on the couch in the living room.
shortly after that Danie came in and i was like what up styler! 
She roiled her eyes at me.
Well that was Mean I said to her and that got a laugh out of her. 
Ha you laughed that means I'm still funny!! Yes!!! 
You are soooo cracra! I know right I joked. 
So what should we do to day Anne with a e.
I think we should go shopping I I screamed!!
Aleah I would like to hear one direction at the consort tomorrow!!
OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT'S TOMORROW she Said. Then She started rambling on about how much fun it was going to be and haw I was the best friend ever and stuff like that. 
Hey are we going shopping or not I said cutting her of when she started talking about Harry Styles.
Oh ya of course lets go. But I'm driving Danie. Fine but I git to pic the music!!! 


Skip the car ride!


Danie's POV
Really I'm not quite shear about it. 
I mean it it's really cute and all.
oh come on Niall will be drooling ofer you and he will give us back stage Passes. Ok I will git it. It was a green dress with black lines all over it it was short but not to short it was the cutest thing ever!! 
When Aleah came out I whent in.
Aleah found the cutest pink dress for me it was sleeveless and short but not to short and it had glittery stones all ofer it. I walked out of the dressing room with the dress Aleah picked out for me and she was like OH MY GOSH THAT DRESS WAS MADE FOR YOU!! Thanks I think so two. I whent Back In the dressing room and changed out of it and back in to my shorts and teeshirt that said swag master from doncaster which was Aleah's but she lets me ware some of her stuff.then we bought some shoes and went home and went to bed.


Sorry guys its kind of short but I hope it's good.




Love Aleah Grace:)



Peace out frizzes;)

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