Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


12. ALANNA!!!!

Aleah's POV
I was waiting out side of the collage when some one yelled at me to tern around.
it was weird that voice sounded like Al-.
OH MY GOSH ALANNA YOU ARE HERE I screamed really loud and ran at her and hugged her.
Yep I came all the way from Scotland to see you!!!!
Oh I missed you Scottish girl!
And I missed two Irish girl!
We laughed at are nicknames we gave each other when we were 13 & 14.
We were talking for like five minutes when the boys got there and louis jumped out of the van and hugged me.
We missed you so much!!
What is with this guy!!
Alanna gave Lou the you are cra-cra look!
Lou let her breath!! Said Niall
So is this your boy friend? Alanna said jokingly and Looked at Lou.
Oh heck no!!
Lou let go of me and said well I thout we had some thing!!!
He said running to the car.
I looked at Alanna and Said he is not right in the head! I said sarcastically.
We got in the van and I intrados Alanna to all the boys.
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait!!!! You guys are one direction!!
Well they are one direction I'm Jennifer said louis!
We all started to laugh!
I could tell Alanna was trying really hard not to freak out.
I was sitting in between Niall and Alanna. It seams that I sit by Niall allot!!!
Alanna was talking to me and Niall was doing some thing on his phone.
So how long have you guys been friends? Said Zayn
Sense we were like eleven I said.
And you are not sick of her Lou whispered to Alanna.
She just started to laugh.
No way i could never get sick of her.
And I could never git sick of! I said to her.
Oi girls are wearied!! Lou said
Ya cuz we all git sick of Lou all the time. Said Niall sarcastically 
Oh!!! you know what you are not my favorite person any more!!
Oh that hurt right here Niall said holding his hand over his heart Jokingly.
Oh I shun you Shun!! Louis
Fine by me! Niall 


20 minuets later********************


Thanks guy for the fun day!!!
Yep! Hey do you guys want to come over tomorrow and hang out? Said Aleah.
Ya sure. Said Liam.

see you guys tomorrow then!!!





Aleah Grace 

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