Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


27. Transfer dude is cool already.

So maybe I sounded harsh at Louis but that is exactly what he gets for being boyfriend and girlfriend with Marcia. I looked at Louis, walking to homeroom. I got there and sat next to Zayn. We talked and hugged. We didn't dare to kiss because of what happened with us two and Rocky catching us before. "So, what did you tell Louis?" He asked. "I told him to feel better. I had no sympathy. Well, maybe a little." "As I was trying to tell him before, Louis isn't Marcia's type." "You have?" I was surprised. "Yeah. Ever since they started dating, I warned him that she'll break up with you in less than 2 months. I was correct obviously. She wants a bad boy. That's all I know." Zayn shrugged. Rocky came in, fashionably "late". "Hello Myrah and Zayn." She said. "Hey Rocky." "So what are you guys trying to do...get to another level?" She wiggles her eyebrows. We both knew exactly what she means. "Stop thinking dirty." I pushed her playfully. "Hey Zayn, I heard that you really wanna dance on her lap." She said. "Shut up Rocky." This time, he pushed her playfully. "Well, don't you?" She asked. "No!" He said firmly. "O..kay then. Have fun telling me that and you're doing it secretly." She starts to laugh all of a sudden. The room became bright and colorful. Every starts to laugh. Just then, the bell rings. Zay, Rocky, and I were here. The room was still bright and cheery and colorful. Then Louis came in. All of the sudden, the room is dark, gray and somber. "Great, the sad-boy's here to ruin our positive attitude." Rocky said angrily. "I love to know what made it happen all of a sudden." A girl's voice calls out. It was Marcia and a guy was next to her, holding her by the hip. This is what the guy looks like.

"Dang, he's over my height!" Rocky looked up. Rocky was only 5''4 1/2 compare to the guy. "You must be new here." Zayn told him. "Nah, I got switched here. "Well, welcome dude." Zayn said. The guy smiled. "Thanks bro." Zayn and the guy got off really well already. "What's your name?" Rocky asked. "Everyone just calls him Tiger." Marcia said. "But his real name is Ryan." "Why you called ''Tiger'' for?" Rocky asked him. "It's just the way I act Rocky." She grinned. "My boo would love you." Niall's head pops in. "Hey Rocky." He waved at her. "Hey Niall. I made a new friend. His name is Tiger." Niall was grinning like a maniac already. "Ya know, you are already cool." Niall said. "That's good, but my real name is Ryan." "Hey Marcia, your boyfriend is cool already." I said. "Told ya guys." We were talking until the teacher came to front. "Attention class! As you can see, we have a "new" student here. Well, he's not really new but he's a transfer. His name is Ryan." "I would like to be called Tiger." He said. "Hi Tiger!" We hollered. "You remind me of the tiger from Winnie the Pooh Bear shows." "I am who I am." He shrugged at Rocky. Louis sat there, looking angry. We had to work in partners. Niall worked with Rocky (as usual), Tiger with Marcia, Zayn and I working together and so on. Louis was left remaining. "Louis, how about you work with Zayn and Myrah." The teacher suggested. "I would like to work by myself." He gritted. "I'm sorry but it's a must. You need to work with people. You can choose anyone." "Fine, I'll choose Zayn and Myrah." "Okay then." Louis sat down. "So...what ar we gonna work on?" Zayn asked with a giddy smile. "Zayn! We were just talking about the hieroglyphics!" I playfully shoved him. "Sorry." He shrugs and smiled. "I know. Maybe we can work on the pyramid with the hieroglyphics." I suggested. "That sounds great, how about you Louis?" Zayn asked him. "Whatever." He sighed. We sketched on what we were going to do. "I wish Tiger would move somewhere else." He grunted. "Things change Louis." I told him. "He has to be a showoff!" He hissed. "Louis! You know that we became cool. By we I mean everyone in this class." "Yeah, but he makes me look foolish!" "That's the point!" I blurted. "Tiger wants you to think about yourself! You do stupid stuff!" I screamed. Then tears came out. "You ditched me as a friend!" I started crying silently. "You got mad only because I beat up your ex-girlfriend! Marcia isn't yours anymore! Get to the present you little dope!" I screamed. The bell rings and I went out the door, crying my eyes out. I discreetly saw Zayn trying to catch up to me.

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