Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


25. The carnival

Okay, so maybe I was wrong. Things did get better than this. First off, I gotten better. Second, I was happy that Zayn called me. Rocky had the nerve to call me during 4th period. She told me that she was in bathroom, ditching class because there was a sub that day. I wasn't happy that there was a sub and I wasn't here to gladly enjoy that day without the teacher going overboard on the writing and stuff. I decided to talk a walk out. There was Harry, smirking like an idiot. I just wanted to slap that smirk off his face. Then he wouldn't be smirking now. "Hey Myrah, why aren't you in school?" He hollered across the street. "I was sick this morning. Why aren't you in school?" I asked. "I didn't feel like going." He screamed. I shook my head. "You know, in order for you to get credit for today the next day, you gotta give in a note." He says smirking his face off. "Otherwise, you just get nothing for that day you weren't here." "I know that. I'm not a retard." I rolled my eyes at him. "Give it a break Myrah. You look goooood." He droned on. "Shut up Harry." I tried to leave the scene but he was blocking my path. "You're not going anywhere princess. Unless..." "Unless what?" I asked impatiently. "You kiss me." "No way Harry, I got a boyfriend already." "It isn't that cheater, Daniel?"  "You tell me." I challenged him. "Okay, let see....uh, no." He stares into my eyes. "You're real lousy Harry." I stated grimly. "Okay, how about we talk?" He suggested. "Or how about I go on my way and you go on your way." I offered sarcastically. "Fine Myrah, be like that." He leaves and I continue walking down the street. Then I saw Rocky walking. "Hey Rocky." I greeted. "Hey girlfriend." She waves back. "What are you doing here at noon?" I asked. "Girl, I only have 5 classes. So I do this everyday." "What about your boo-bear?" I asked with a smirk. She turns red a little. "He comes out at 12:20." She answers. She nervously plays with her hair. "He has 6 classes, I have 5. You didn't see Harry today, did you?" She asked. "I did actually." I answered truthfully. "Whenever he feels like not going to school, he doesn't go." Rocky shrugs. "Oh." It became awkward. "When it's 12:25, Niall and I are going to the carnival. Do you want to come?" She asked me. "Yeah." "Oh yeah, Zayn's coming." She wiggled her eyebrows. I turned red a lot more than Rocky did. "Oh, you gonna like the carnival. It comes once every 2 months. Rain or sunshine." She explained. "Oh, okay." "I can imagine the cotton candy melting in my mouth." She was saying it more to herself. Her eyes sparkled. "Oh I can't wait for the carnival." I said cheerfully. "Wanna walk with me?" She asked with a grin. "Sure. Just let me call my mom." "Go ahead girlfriend, I'm not in a rush." I took my phone out and called my mom. "Hello? Oh, it's you Myrah. Where are you?" "Taking a walk, why?" "Oh, I was wondering where you were. Anyway, what's the deal Myrah?" "Rocky invited me to a carnival." "Oh really? Did Rocky ditched school?" She asked suspiciously. "No, she only has 5 classes everyday Mom." "Okay, have fun then. Make sure you come back before dinner." "Okay Mom, bye." I hung up. I gave her a smile. "Good then, let's walk." Rocky dragged me to the Green Acres Park. "This is where I usually go with Niall." She says softly. "So much memories from 9th grade." She said with a happy sigh. "Is there any more stories that involve you, Aaliyah and Niall?" I asked. "Oh sure, there's more." "When are you gonna tell me?" I asked. "Soon." She gave a sly smile. Rocky ran to the swing set. "Young ladies, are you suppose to be in school?" An older woman with 2 children (looked like they're 2 or 3) asked us. "I couldn't go to school today." I answered truthfully. "I was sick today." "Ma'am, I only have 5 classes, so I left after 5th period." "Why do you have 5 classes?" She asked Rocky. "Since I have all of my credits." She answered vaguely. "Oh, okay." The woman went on her way with the children. We swung on the swings until 12:20. "Let's go Myrah, NIall's coming in 5 minutes!" She squealed. She grabbed my arm and ran. I'm not a fast runner, so it was extremely hard to catch up with Rocky. "Girl, you soooo slow." She did a hand motion as if she was either shocked or trying to make a point. "Ooh! There's our lovers!" She squealed. She ran to Niall and he picks her up. She giggles like a maniac. "Hey Zayn." I blushed. I kissed him. It was a long one. By the time we stopped, Niall and Rocky were on the floor laughing. Tears were pouring out of Niall's eyes. Rocky was holding her stomach as if she was in so much pain. They stood up ever so quickly. "Anyway, ready to go to the carnival?" Rocky asked. "Yeah, we are." "Then let's go." We had to get there by a car, so Niall was driving. When we got there, Rocky squealed. "I remember this as it happened yesterday." She sighed happily. Niall grabbed her hand and dragged her somewhere. I could hear her giggles. I was left with my boyfriend. "We can go on those spinning cups." I offered. "Sounds like a great idea Myrah." He grins. We went on and we were spinning like crazy. When we got off, I was dizzy in a good way. "You okay Myrah?" He asked. "Yeah, just dizzy." We laughed and went on some other rides. I won a big panda bear. I had no clue what Zayn won. Why? I went to the bathroom and the next thing I know was that he told me that he won something but he said I had to wait. I wanted to know what he really won. We met Niall and Rocky 3 hours later. "How about we take pictures?" Rocky said. So we took a bunch of pictures. On Zayn and I's pictures, we were making funny faces, giving the cheeky smiles and the last one was a kiss. On the other hand, Niall and Rocky's pictures were a disaster in a good way. First picture, Rocky fell off the stool, pulling Niall's sleeve down. The second picture was that Niall wasn't paying attention to where he was touching or I should say, pulling. He accidentally pulls Rocky's shirt and it revealed the red strap. The third one was a funny one. Rocky's head was on top of Niall's head and they did a cheeky smile. The last one was really cute. Niall's arm was around Rocky's and he held her close in a boyfriend way. Rocky's cheeks were a little red. The carnival was so much fun. I wish I can go back again.


A/N-Forgot to mention. I need 3 people to be Louis, Harry (gotta be a bad girl ;) like him), and Liam to be their girlfriends. Note: First come first served. *Louis and Marcia broke up* it's going to be mentioned later

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