Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


26. The break-up

I was taken home. I kissed Zayn goodbye. They left. I got home and I saw Ms. Emerald in the couch, still sleeping. "Mind to explain Myrah?" My mom raised her eyebrows and pointed to Ms. Emerald. "Mom, she had the very bad cramps so she fell asleep. I kinda forgot to mention that she was here." My mom shook my head. "Not only do I have to buy more maxi pads, I also have to take her home." She looked at Ms. Emerald. "Valeria's going to have a lot of trouble." My mom muttered. "Okay then, I'm going upstairs to go to bed." I rushed upstairs and went in my room. I found a note in my bed. I guess my mom put it up here while I was gone. I opened it and it had some bad handwriting. This is what the note said: To whom it may concern. Myrah Mayfields, I believe that we know each other. I need to tell you something extremely important tomorrow in school. Can you make it before 7:00? If you can't, call me at 908-777-1223. Then I'll answer. If you can't make it, then we'll arrange another timed schedule. This is very important Myrah. I can trust you only. How about Rocky? She'll be enraged and won't talk to me. So give me a call if you can't make it. Sincerely, Anonymous  P.S I think you can figure out who this is. I already know who this is. I called and told him that I'm never at the cafeteria at 7 or before. He tells me we can talk in homeroom. I said okay. That'll be fine. The next day, I got myself ready, ate breakfast and walked out the door. I decided to walk today so I can get myself some energy. I met him. "Myrah, you made it." He said solemnly. "Louis." I said bluntly. "Can I tell you something that is very important?" "Sure." "Okay, sit." We sat and looked at each other. "Marcia and I broke up." Inside, I was really happy but I didn't show it. "Uh, why?" I asked with fake concern. "Since Marcia told me that I wasn't her type. She wanted more of the bad boy. Like Harry but he doesn't want her either." "Wow, that's really sad." I said and I was faking a tear. "You feel sympathy?" He asked with hope. I nodded. "I hope you find someone better," I told him. I also patted him on the shoulder. "Hope you feel better." I called out to him. "Thanks Myrah." I looked back and walked away. I saw Niall and Rocky. "So what were you guys talking about?" She rose her eyebrows. "Some stuff." I said. "Awesome." Rocky rolled her eyes. "I believe you know already, right?" I asked her. "Duh, I'm not that stupid. Marcia and Louis totally broke up. Marcia told me herself. I was angry. I wanted to punch a serial rapist if there was any around here. That's how mad I was." No wonder Louis didn't want me to tell her. "Anyway, wanna walk to homeroom?" She asked. "Sure." Niall and Rocky hold hands and strolled proudly. I didn't see Zayn just yet but I knew he was going to come. "Anyway, so, what did you do yesterday?" Rocky asked me. "Rocky, I went to the carnival with you yesterday, remember?" I told her. "Right. I was messin' with you." She laughed. "You know, Valentine's Day si coming soon. Wanna join us in the love carnival?" Niall asked me. "Sure." "Bring your boo with you." Rocky grinned. "I know." I turned red a little. "Good, see you in 1st period?" "Okay." We walked our separate ways.

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