Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


21. School

I can't bear going to school on Monday. The case has been solved and Maria Morales has been found in a basement in an abandoned building. The Rapist 5 are out again but somewhere else. "Hey mom, can I go walking to school tomorrow?" I asked. "Sure." In school the next day, Marcia came back from the hospital. I must have beaten her pretty hard. "Myrah..." She hissed at me. "Oh hush you little wannabe." I was waving my hand at her to go away. I looked around and I saw Niall and Rocky holding hands. "I didn't know you guys were dating." I said "Girl, please, I told you. Remember?" "Oh yeah." A girl with brunette hair and I think hazel eyes came up to Rocky and hugs her. "Hey Rocky." "Hey Aaliyah." "Hey there Niall." "Hi Aaliyah." She turns to look at me. "Oh, what's your name?" She asked me. "Myrah Mayfields." "Hi, I'm Aaliyah Canales." We shook hands. "How do you like North Plainfield so far?" "I hate Marcia and her sassy group." "Hey, I was even invited so many times." Rocky says. "Huh?" All of us 3 looked at her. "It's true. They say I'm pretty. Which is so true." We started laughing. "Anyway, she was like 'Come with us Rocky' and I'm like 'No thanks. You're gonna make me ditch my boyfriend for the group'. Marcia was silent Then she says 'If you ever change your mind, you know who to look for'." She gave her wicked grin." Rocky says. "Wow." Aaliyah says. "Hmm." I said. "I wasn't invited but Maya invited e. She's second to Marcia." "Ooh." "Maya's a whore." Aaliyah said proudly. "Anyway, let's go to the lunchroom. We can talk there." Just then Zayn caught up with me. "Hey Myrah." He greeted. "Hey Zayn." We both hugged. Rocky, Aaliyah, and Niall smirked. Then they silently laughed. "What's so funny?" Zayn asked Aaliyah. "Nothing Zayn, nothing." They tried so hard not to burst into their laughter. Aaliyah didn't even last because she was on the floor, laughing so hard that 2 people had to carry her into the nurse's office. It turns out that Aaliyah was there for 3 periods straight. "Too much laughter isn't a good thing." Zayn and I said in unison. Aaliyah came to 9th period class during the first 15 minutes of class. "You feeling better?" Niall asked. "Yeah." She sighed in relief. "You're fortunate you didn't burst your larynx." Rocky said seriously. "True. I must have laughed too hard for me to control." She sniffed. Then she sneezes. "Go get a tissue to blow your nose Aaliyah." Niall ordered her. "Okay." "Today class, you'll be representing your dialogues to the class-" We had a fire drill all of a sudden. "Woohoo! No dialogues for the time being." We were outside for at least 25 minutes. By the time we came in, there was only 5 minutes left in the class. "Oh, what's the point of doing them?" The teacher says. We cheered and talked for the rest of the class period. After the bell rings, I went into the stairwell with Zayn. "'s everything?" I asked. "Fine. You?" "Same here." I couldn't resist the urge to kiss him. So I did. He kissed me back and we went on for about 6 minutes. My mom came late anyway, so what's the deal? I didn't hear anyone coming so we were fine. When we let go, Rocky was standing there, with a smirk on her face.

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