Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


4. Rocky

I looked up the ceiling and saw Niall standing in front of me. "Uh may I help you Niall?" He puts his hand out in front of me and I reached for it. He helps me up. The same blonde girl was with him. "Myrah, are you okay?" He asked me. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." I lied. Niall must have read my mind because he didn't look convinced, but he didn't say anything. "Who's with you?" I asked. "Oh she's my best friend.'' The blonde girl looks at me and smiles. This is what Rocky looks like.

She has no braces. "Hi, I'm Roxyany but call me Rocky." She introduce me. I put my hand out for her to shake. She looked confused. "Where she's from, they don't shake hands. They kiss on the cheek I believe." Niall explained. "Oh." I didn't want to kiss her because I didn't even know her like that. Rocky was dressed as if she was Marcia's best friend. "If you're wondering Myrah, I'm not Marcia's best friend." She answered as if she was reading my mind. Rocky had a Diamond shirt and wearing some blue Vintage pants from 1955. "You look cool Rocky." I complimented her. "Thanks, you look decent today yourself." Just then, my boyfriend came to me and hugs me from the behind. "Hey there." "Hey back." Rocky's face looked darker than tan. Niall and Rocky gave each other a quick glance. Rocky said something that I didn't catch. Whatever she said, Niall agreed. "What are you guys talking about?" I asked them both. "Nothing Myrah." They said a little too hasty. I glared at them, He was whistling while her eyes wandered around another area of the cafeteria. "Forget it you guys." Daniel takes my hand and we walked away from Niall and Rocky. I discreetly looked behind me. They saw my face and shook their heads. They walked away. I didn't know what was up with them or Louis. Louis was more of an outburst while the other 2 were more of the silent type. I believe they want me to figure out on my own. In History, we learned about American European history, which I learned in Hawaii. It was far too easy. It was a test day for that class and the teacher asked if I wanted to take or not. I said I  would try. Later, I found out that I aced it. I was happy. When the final bell rang for the day, Niall and Rocky were waving frantically at me. I waved at them back but someone was covering my eyes. It was my boyfriend. Niall rolls his eyes while Rocky looked enraged. "Hey my princess." I giggled. "Hello Prince Charming." We kissed as our greeting. I heard a locker slam. It was more of a locker punch. Rocky punched the locker to show her frustration. "Calm down Rocky." Niall pinned her arms bdirty danceehind her back. "Please Niall, you know how frustrating it is to watch those two?!" She screams. "I feel the same way too but give it a break Rocky. It's Myrah's first day here and you're going to cause some problems?" She shuts her  mouth afterward. "I have to go Myrah." "Bye Daniel." I kissed him on the cheek. He leaves afterward. As soon as he left, Rocky screams in anger. Niall had to tape her mouth shut for that. "Rocky here is angry for what you've done Myrah." "I didn't do anything wrong Niall." Rocky mumbles through the tape and I didn't understand a word she just said. Niall seems to understand. "She's asking why you're going out with that idiot." "He's not an idiot!" I hissed. "Rocky was trying to say that through her taped mouth." He sighed. Rocky mumbles again and this time, she was louder. "She says I am going to take you home." "It's fine guys, I can walk." Rocky grabbed my arms. She mumbles again. "We don't want you going alone." Niall says quickly. I end up in Niall's Hyundai. Niall finally takes the off her mouth. "Finally! I can breathe fresh air again. I hate the stickiness on my mouth." She fell asleep. "Niall, you don't want me to choose my own life, do you? You're like my father." I said. "That dude is some serious player. Rocky knows that too. We want to protect you from that psychotic lunatic." "He's not a lunatic." I hissed again. He shrugs. "Okay, I believe you but-" "You'll regret it." Rocky finished his sentence and went back to sleep. He stopped at the corner of my street and I didn't even say bye to them both. 

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