Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


13. Rocky and Niall (part 2)

Aaliyah and Rocky were playing tic-tac-toe with markers. The teacher continues to talk but it became so boring that they play tic-tac-toe. "Aaliyah Canales!" "Here!" Aaliyah screams. "Take the slips and give them to the attendance lady." Aaliyah walked out with pride. "I would like to shoe to the class what this is." The teacher took out a very rare coin. It was 3/4 of a coin from 1801.

Everyone was awed. The coin was hard to look for. Rocky wasn't interested. Lina fell asleep on the lecture. 'Is this suppose to be an hour homeroom? Not history?' Rocky thought hopelessly. "Where did you get that from?" A boy asked. "Very special." The teacher answered vaguely. 'This isn't helping.' Rocky thought as she fell asleep...She woke another room? "Where am I?' She asked hastily. "You're in Math." A boy answered. The boy turned out to be Niall. "How did you take me here?" "For one thing Rocky, you fell asleep for the rest of homeroom. So I had to take you to this class. "Hmm." She says. "What about Aaliyah?" "She's coming. She's hanging out with the jock type." Rocky nodded. The math teacher was eating corn casserole. "Yuck. That taste nasty as hell." Niall and Rocky said. The math teacher looked at them. "Uh..hi?" Rocky says. "Hello students." The teacher says with excitement. "Do you know what mc2 equals to?" "" Niall guessed. "Correct lad. E=mc2. This equation was by Albert Einstein." He droned on about Albert Einstein. "Please..someone help me." Rocky begged silently. More people came to the room and the teacher was talking forever. "Mister? Everyone's here." Aaliyah says. "Sorry lad." Aaliyah looked at the teacher as if he was crazy. "My name is Mr. Looey." Everyone stifled their giggles and laughs in themselves. "I know, it's a crazy last name. We all have crazy last names." "My last name is after a brand name. Aeropostale." Rocky smiled at herself with pride. "My biological last name was Lemon." A boy name Trevis says with pride. Everyone started to laugh. "My grandmother's maiden name was Reed."  A girl hollered. The whole class period ended up talking about biological last names that sounded funny. In lunch time, Niall, Aaliyah and Rocky headed for the cafeteria. "Where do you wanna sit?" Aaliyah asked wiggling her eyebrows. "Anywhere." Niall replied. The 3 sat in the back right corner and got their lunch. "Hey guys, I'm gonna get a snack, who wants a little something?" "Me!" Niall and Rocky screamed. "I want 5 cookies." "I want a slushie." Aaliyah nods when she understood. She leaves. Niall fiddles with his straw he took. "Rocky?" She looked at him with her brown chocolaty eyes. "Yeah Niall?" She says. "Uh.." Her eyes made him loses everything what he was going to say. "Never mind." "Okay." She shrugged and ate her pasta. "Want your meatballs?" He gave them away. 'How can I tell that I like her...a lot? More than friends?' She looked unbeatable. More like either unstoppable or invincible. Nothing would destroy her pride. 'That's one thing I like about her-her pride.' He thought. For the rest of the lunch period, he looks at her with his eyes. "Hello? Niall!" Aaliyah screamed. "Yes?" He shook his head, wondering where he was. "It's time to go to Biology." "Oh." Rocky's dirty blonde hair was falling behind her back. He wanted to sleep in them. Which he did during 7th period. She looked surprised that he actually did it. "Niall? Are you okay?" She asked softly. "Yeah sweetie." "Sweetie?" Rocky asked. He turns red. Fortunately, no one heard him. "Uh..." He lowered his head for the rest of the day. "Niall, I didn't mean to embarrass you." He touched her arm. "It's okay Rocky. Besides, you didn't...embarrass me." "You sure?" She asked with her whining voice. He nods. "I need to...tell you something." "Huh?" He made her head turn towards him. He then kissed her. She was surprised.

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