Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


22. Red-handed

"Aha!" She screamed. She also pointed accusing fingers at us. "Rocky!" I hissed. "I caught you red-handed." She laughs maliciously. "Don't tell anyone!" We begged. "Oh I won't." She said slyly. "Niall! I saw them-" Zayn pulled her into the corner. He covers her mouth. "Do you promise not to say anything?" I asked her. She nods her head. "Swear?" Zayn asked. She nods. He lets go. She was silent afterward. Niall came rushing in. "Anything happen Rocky?" Zayn and I glared at her. "Nothing really." She says. "It was nothing." "Oh, okay." He held his hand out and she grabbed on. Zayn was completely confused. "It's nothing Zayn." Niall and Rocky said together. They left. It was Zayn and me left alone again. "Want to kiss again?" I asked. He smirked and we kissed. To tell you the truth, my feeling are mixed up and confusing. I like Zayn a lot and he likes me back a lot. The thing is that we're both confused. I don't know what to do. Then my mom came. "Zayn, I gotta go." I kissed him on the cheek and I left. My mom was very impatient. "Myrah, I have to take Tommie to the doctor. Do you mind if you can go to the library for an hour or two?" She asked. "Sure mom." She drove to the library and I waved at her. My mom waved back and she leaves. Then Harry was there. He was smirking at me. "Hey there beautiful." "Shut up Harry." I said. He grabbed my strap of my clothing and snapped it. I winced in pain. I shoved him and he smirks again. Liam was there. "Don't let Harry get to you. He likes to harass girls like that." He told me and walks away. I always think that Liam's a mysterious person. Gives you good advice but "vanished in thin air". Then Louis and Marcia were talking mad loud. All of the computers were taken. Of course, no one was willing to give their computer up. I sighed in annoyance and they looked at me (meaning Louis and Marcia). "You finally came to the library. Welcome." Marcia says sarcastically. "Thank you very much." I said. "Why did you even come?" She asked. "It's not a place for you Myrah." She sneered. "Shut up Marcia. You think you own this library but you don't." I snarled at her. "Get a life." She said in disgust. I walked away and found a girl reading. It turns out to be Rocky reading by herself. "Hey Rocky." I greeted her. "Hey girl. How you been?" "Fine." "Myrah, I may be white but I'm black on the inside." She told me. "That's what everyone's been saying." She shrugs. "Anyway, what book are you reading?" I asked. "Suddenly Supernatural. It's a good book." She told me. "You should read it sometime." She grins. "Oh, guess what? I didn't tell your secret." She whispered. She was a good whisperer. Not a spoiler either. Marcia must have heard because she asked, "What secret?" "None of your business girl." Rocky snapped her fingers. "Get yourself away from me." Rocky told Marcia. "Aren't we suppose to be cousins?" "Yeah we are but I'm having a little talk with Myrah." She pointed at me. "Sorry big sister." "No problem little sister." Once Marcia walks away, I became confused. "You just said that you were-" "We do this a lot. I'm older than her by 4 months." I smiled. 'Lucky. I have an older sister who moved out already." I said. "Huh." She huffs and continued reading. "Where's Zayn?" I asked. She smirked. "So do you do love him!" She whispered to me. "I don't know." I turned red a little. "Come on Myrah, you can admit it." "Fine. I like him a lot. I have a heart that might belong to him." I admitted. I just realized that Zayn is here and he turns red.

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