Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


15. Fight gets severely violent

I went to the park and I found Louis...with Marcia? "Uh, hey Louis." I greeted. He gave me that glare of his. I didn't like it one bit. "Myrah. This is my girlfriend, Marcia." I glumly waved at her. "So there goes Miss I-wanna-be-Louis's-girlfriend." She smirked at me. "I have a boyfriend already Marcia so shut up." Her eyes looked wide. Then she narrowed them again. "You shouldn't get smart with me Myrah Mayfields. Everyone knows what happens when they get smart with me." "Let me guess? I get a lecture?" I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. "Stop embarrassing me Myrah." Louis hissed. I ignored him. "Get a life Marcia instead of being a wannabe slut." She gasped. Marcia shoved me and I fell on the dirt. "Don't you dare you little bastard." She screamed. "Make me." I challenged her. She cracked her fists and punched me in the eye. "Oh it's on." I said. I punched her in the mouth. Her lip started swelling and started to bleed also. I kicked her in the stomach and she fell over. It was a real fight. This was my first one ever. I never been in a real fight. "Guys! Please." Louis begged. "Shut up Louis!" I screamed at him. "You're not part of this." Marcia and I were grabbing on each other's hair. "Get your filthy hands outta my hair you retard." "Only if you get yours off of mine." I yelled at her. More teens gathered to see the fight. "Fight! Fight! Fight!" They kept chanting. I was getting even more enraged and I had more power. I wanted to kill Marcia. I wish she was dead. Just then a car came and it was in my sight. Rocky was in the car, watching and started crying in Niall's chest.

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