Am I in Love or is this a joke?

"I thought you cared about me. But you didn't. If you did, then you would never do this to me." I cried. Myrah...please.." "Don't Myrah me!" I left him. I thought I was his only one. But I was wrong. Wrong again...why didn't I listen to Niall?


14. Emergency call

I was so focus into their story that I lost track of time...again. "Uh, Myrah, that's your mother." Niall says. "Myrah! Quick! Come home! Your older sister is in the hospital!" I closed the phone. Rocky looked cuddled between Niall's arms. "Gotta go guys." "Bye bye." They waved. I ran home. I went home and my mom was in the car, waiting. "Your sister's in the hospital. She's going to give birth!" My mom squealed. This is what my sister looks like.

She got married at the age of 22. She is now 23 and was pregnant with a baby. I look a little like her. I became jealous. I always wanted to be an aunt but the thing was that she and her husband Mike has been hanging together more often. I don't even know what he looks like. My mom drove to the nearest hospital- Satellite Emergency hospital. Don't even ask how Abigail even got NEAR that hospital in the first place. We live nowhere near it. We got there, sign in and rushed to her room. Abby was laid on her back and had a belt over her stomach. "Abby!" I squealed with excitement. I tried to hug her but the big, round, circle belly was in the way, so the hug wasn't proper. Just then, a man came in and kissed Abby on the cheek. Unfortunately, I can't describe how he looks like. Most of his face was covered by a hood and his lips and chin were showing only. "Who the heck are you?" I screamed at the guy. "Myrah! You now better. Give him a chance. This is my husband, Mike." I looked at "Mike". "Hello sister-in-law." He greeted me and gave his hand out for me to shake. I decide to ignore it. "Myrah. come with me, shall we?" My mom says. She had the we're-gonna-have-a-talk-young-lady look. She grabbed me and gave me a long lecture on how to behave when Abby's husband was around. We went back in and Mike was holding Tommie in his arms! Tommie was crying and his arms were trying to hit Mike. "Let him go Mike." I hissed. He gave Tommie to me. "Mike hon, this is Tommie's first time seeing you, he acts like this with everyone who he never saw before." Abby explained. Just then, a doctor came in. Also, a midwife came in. They told us to leave except Mike. I waited for 3 hours straight. "Mom, can I use your phone to contact Rocky?" "You may." I called her. She picked up immediately. "Hey Myrah." "Hey Rocky. Listen, can you-" There was a scream behind me. "Myrah?! Are you okay?" She asked frantically. "I'm fine Rocky. My older sister is giving birth to a baby." "Ya know, that's a painful process to go through. Especially when it comes out naturally. It can take hours."  She sighed. "It took my mom an hour to get me out of her." She starts to laugh. "It took my mom 12 hours." I said. "Ooh, not good." She says. "Was your mom in pain?" She asked. "Rocky, I'm not going to answer you  now." "Okay. Louis wanted me to tell you he said hi and he..." "He what?" I asked quickly. "He...likes you." She says. She hangs up. The conversation didn't go well. To make matters worse, I wanted to hear Niall and Rocky's story and I couldn't. In fact, I ended up giving my mom's phone in less than 5 minutes. She looked surprised that I gave it in. We came in when the midwife said we can come in. We looked through the incubator where the baby was. This is what my nephew looks like.

I was extremely proud. "I'm a grandmother already." My mom was shocked about this. "Dad is our grandfather." "We're not even 40 yet!" My mom exclaimed. My mom had me when she was 20. Both of my parents are 36 now. Tommie has a nephew (I think). Tommie wasn't even aware of his nephew. "What are you guys gonna name him?" I asked. "We thought of 2 names if we had a girl and/or a boy. One was Marcie Angel. The boy's name would be Danny Frankie." I smiled at that. Then I realized that we had to go home. "Myrah, we're leaving now. Your father came home and was wondering where we were." My mom says. " We have to go Abby." "Take care Myrah." We both hugged. "Goodbye sister-in-law." Mike says. "Bye brother-in-law." We shook hands. Hugging would be awkward. When we got home, my father hugged me. He then kissed my mom. Tommie and I were like "Blech!" I laughed how Tommie said it. He was learning. "Hon, we are grandparents already." My mom says. "Already? We're not even 40 yet." "That's what I'm saying." My dad is older than my mom by 2 months. I used the house phone and called Rocky. Niall answered. "Hey Myrah." "Hey Niall. Where's Rocky? I want to hear your story." I whined. "Sorry Myrah. Maybe tomorrow." He says sadly. "Okay. Bye Niall." "Bye Rocky." He hangs up. I looked exhausted. "So how was school Myrah?" My dad asked. "To tell you the truth. We left early." " 'We'?" He asked. "The whole school did. Have't you heard that there was a missing student? Her name is Maria Morales and was  missing for over 3 hours." "How come you have to leave because of that?" I explained what happened today. My father looked shocked and started laughing. "Myrah might be telling some tall tales right here." He bellowed out with laughter. "Frankie. Myrah's telling the truth. I saw it myself. The cops. The crime scene tape. Everything. I had to pick her up." "Your not hurt are you?" My dad asked. "I'm fine. Some people aren't. They're scared half to death!" I exclaimed. "Anyway. I got a call from Louis. He told me he wanted to talk to you." My mom handed me the phone. "Hello?" I croaked. "Myrah?" "Hey Louis." I greeted. "Hey Myrah. Listen. I wanted to talk to you but apparently, my mom's listening to the conversation I believe." "OKay. What's up with that?" "Meet me at Green Acres Park by the fountain. I'll be there, aiting for you." "What time?" I asked. "noon. Sharp." He hangs up. I handed the phone bacl to my mom. "Anything important?" She asked. "Nah, it's just going to park with his friends tomorrow." "Better be back by 4 tomorrow. Or earlier." She says. "Okay." I went into my room.

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