Loving Liam

You know how every directioners dream is for the boys to casually walk in to your school and at least one would fall in love with you? C'mon girls, you get me! Well who would've thought that out of all the girls in the world, I would be the one to make my dream a reality...


2. Two

As soon as I got to school I went straight to my locker in order to get my books. I opened my locker and there was at least 20 pictures stuck to my locker. I looked at the pictures and sighed for a few minutes. Oh! I forgot to tell you! I'm a HUGE fan of One direction!!! They are my life and I think they are perfect in every way possible. Nuff said. Anyways, so I started taking my books out of my locker and thats when two of my friends came to talk to me.

"Hey", said Sophie. Sophies my best friend. She has a bit shorter brown hair than mine and brown eyes. Standing next to her was my other very close friend, Zack. We've all been friends forever. "Hey" I replied and smiled at both of them. We chatted for a while but then something happened that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I felt someone tap me on the back. I turned around wondering who it was because I don't really have any other good friends in school. And that's when I saw him. Niall Horan was facing me. 

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