Loving Liam

You know how every directioners dream is for the boys to casually walk in to your school and at least one would fall in love with you? C'mon girls, you get me! Well who would've thought that out of all the girls in the world, I would be the one to make my dream a reality...


5. Five

When we walked into the music room Sophie and Zack went to there table while I akwardley sat in the table behind them looking as if I don't have any friends. However, there were a group of slutty girls each sitting at there own table. So that made me feel a little better that I wasn't the only one with out a desk buddy. Even though i'm pretty sure they weren't letting anyone else sit at there desks because they needed room for there makeup or something.

That's when all five of the members of One Direction walked through the doors. I quickly looked around the room to see that there was only two more desks, so one of the boys would have to sit with someone else. I immediatley hoped that one of them would sit with me, but then I looked at the other girls and I saw that they all had hopeful faces as well. I figured none of the boys would even think about sitting with me when those girls were options. After all, they were really pretty. The boys all looked around the room and then formed a little group huddle. It was so cute! After a few seconds they broke there huddle. Niall and Louis went to one desk, Harry and Zayn went to the other which only left Liam. My Liam. 

Liam then made his way to my desk. Mine! He sat down next to me and all of the other girls looked at me with jealousy, disappointment and a bit of anger. Only once Liam was sat down and had all of his pencil neatley placed next to his binder did he look me in the eyes for the second time today. "Hi",he said and smiled. "Hi", I replied and smiled back.

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