Loving Liam

You know how every directioners dream is for the boys to casually walk in to your school and at least one would fall in love with you? C'mon girls, you get me! Well who would've thought that out of all the girls in the world, I would be the one to make my dream a reality...


8. Eight

***Liam's P.O.V***

Me and Emily were on the way to her house. We were in the car and she was looking out the window while I was driving. I was looking at her but she didn't notice. I didn't want to look like a total creeper, but I couldn't help myself from staring at her. She was so pretty. The way her hair was brown, but in certain lightings it could look blonde or even a bit red. Right now, the sun was shining on it, and it looked as if it was glowing. It was beautiful. And don't get me started on her eyes! From the second I looked into them, I knew I'll never want to stop. 

Obviously looks aren't the only thing I look for in a girl, and I really had no idea why I was so interested in her. I'm sure she's a amazing girl, from what I know she's definitely great, but frankly I really don't know her that well. However, I already feel as if I'm developing a crush. 

Even though I could look at her in silence for days, I figured she was probably thinking of this as a akward silence. So I decided to put the radio on.

I put on the radio and "I'm Yours" started playing. Obviously, just like any time I hear a song I know, I started singing along.

"well you done done me and you bet I felt it. I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted" I sang that line at the top of my lungs and she jumped because I scared her. Then she started cracking up. It made me feel good that I was the reason she was laughing. I liked seeing her happy.

"You have to beat box in the second verse!" she squealed. "Why?" I asked. "Because that's what you did when you and the boys sang this song on the 'What makes You Beautiful' Set! she screamed. "Oh Yaaa! I forgot about that! Wow girl knows her stuff" I winked at her. She blushed and smiled. When the second verse came on I began to beat box, just like I did in the video. She started singing the song. We both looked at each other and started cracking up. We looked like idiots, performing in my car. But I didn't care, it was fun, with her. 

We arrived at her house and I ran to open her door for her as soon as I parked. Because that's just the kind of gentleman I am.  "Thank you" she said. "Your welcome, m' lady" I answered while locking her arm in mine and leading her towards the door. She giggled and unlocked the door to her house. 


*****Hiii guys! Thanks so much for commenting and like this story!!! I just heard 'story of my life'...It's so freakin good!!! It's amazing to see how much the boys music has maturd of the past few years. If any of you haven't seen the 'I'm yours' video from this chapter, I'll post the link. It's a really old video.*****


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