The One

Hey my name is liz well Elizabeth to be exact . I'm 17 years old and I live in a mansion I know cool but not really to me mum is allways in work as a fashion designer and dad owns a business and I only see him 2 times a years so its weird calling someone dad that you never knew .I'm a tomboy and I love football and surfing . I guess you could say I'm popular at school everybody wants to be my friend but I only have 4 best friends Lu, Molly, Sofie, Katie and Jess they are the best friends and help me when my perents are gone . That's all I guess you need to know.


2. The beach

Chapter 2

" were here" I say and stop the car " it looks amazing "Katie says and gets out we look at the beach it was amazing sun shining the waves were perfect for surfing " come on girls lets go to the beach " I say I open the car boot I take out my surfing board and my beach bag while Katie takes hers out too. We walk down the beach with our shoes on knowing the sand would burn our feet. We all set out our towls beside each other " come on lets ride some waves girls" " yeah lets go" rhey all shout we grab out surfing boards and start legging it down the bech of course I won because all of them are girlly girls and hate sports while I'm the opposite . I run into the water and jump in and the others jump in splashing " come on lets surf" I say I get on my board start paddaling get on it and go on the wave " whoo... " I shout before going down under the water " again " I say when I resurface " again " everybody says and we all wait for the next wave.

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