The One

Hey my name is liz well Elizabeth to be exact . I'm 17 years old and I live in a mansion I know cool but not really to me mum is allways in work as a fashion designer and dad owns a business and I only see him 2 times a years so its weird calling someone dad that you never knew .I'm a tomboy and I love football and surfing . I guess you could say I'm popular at school everybody wants to be my friend but I only have 4 best friends Lu, Molly, Sofie, Katie and Jess they are the best friends and help me when my perents are gone . That's all I guess you need to know.


14. living rooms

Chapter 14

" we should bring Liz back to the house and clean her kneese up " Liam says helpfully " yeah lets go " Louis says and we all start walking intk my mansion Niall opens the door and Harry carries me in I see John beside the counter " hey John " I say making him jump he turns around and sees my knees "football " he says and I nod my head " be right back " he says and goes in the storage room harry puys me on the counter and I look at my knees thy weren't that badly injured just bloody and stuff John comes back with the first aid kit and smiles and start cleaning them up he puts some spary that stings my legs and i bite my cheeks not to moan in pain he cleans them up and puts a plaster on them " Thanks John " I say and he ruffles my hair and Harry lifts me off the counter and john walks away to put back the first aid kit " so where is the living room " Zayn asks "well I have 4 1 on this floor 2 on the 2nd floor  and 1 is on the top floor my favorite is the  middle one but the girls wwon't like it " I say and sigh " why Harry says " because it is all decorated in Real Madrid stuff like all of it and the girls hate it " I say " well I want to see it " Louis says and starts running to the lift .


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