The One

Hey my name is liz well Elizabeth to be exact . I'm 17 years old and I live in a mansion I know cool but not really to me mum is allways in work as a fashion designer and dad owns a business and I only see him 2 times a years so its weird calling someone dad that you never knew .I'm a tomboy and I love football and surfing . I guess you could say I'm popular at school everybody wants to be my friend but I only have 4 best friends Lu, Molly, Sofie, Katie and Jess they are the best friends and help me when my perents are gone . That's all I guess you need to know.


18. Girls and School

Chapter 18 

" goodnight " I say and close the door today was one of the best days I ever had we played Truth or Dare  and much more games and now everybody has gone too bed I go over to my bed  and set my alarm for 7: 00 to wake up ( early ) I take my Victoria Secret pj's I know weird not football related blame my mother and go in the shower I have a long shower and tie my hair in a messy bun when I get out put my pj's on and brush my teeth I don't wear make- up on the weekend so I just wash my face and go out of the shower and fall on my bed go under the covers and drift off to sleep

The Next Morning

I used to bite my tounge and hold my breath scared to rock the boat and make a mess  so I sit - I turn my alarm off and look at the time 7:00 on the dot great school I guess I should wake the rest up I get out of bed  open the door slowly not to make a creak and walk down the hallway I open the door to Harrys room " harry wake up I have to go to school and I am not lettin yous stay alone because yous will trash the house " I say now  slapping him " whaaat time is it " he says " 7:00 " I say " babe thats way too early come and sleep with me " he says and puts his arms around my waist and pulls me into bed " harry let me go I have to go to school" I say trying to get his arm off of me " fine ' he says and lets go of me " Harry you are waking the rest up I need to get dressed ill only wake up the girls " I say and he nods and gets up from under the covers to reveal his 6 pack " nice body " I say and leave the room with a smirk on his face 

"Omg nothing suits me "Jess shrieked looking at all my clothes I wack my head " just put on some chlothes " I say getting my jersey on and some shorts to go with it  and my rayban glasses " well im going to put a bit of make-up now " I say and go in my bathroom I apply some bb cream , mascara , eyeliner , and some blush and bronzer  and I put my hair in a messy bun and I was done  I go out of the bathroom and still see the girls getting dressed " omg we are going to be late get dressed " I screamed causing them to hurry " I'm getting a drink " I say and go out of the room into the hall to see all the boys standing there " what do want " I say "well we have nothing to do so can we come to your school " harry says and pouts " no way " I say " pleaseeee" they all say and rush over to me begging and begging  " FINE  " I shout  and they all stop and start thanking me " well I'm getting a drink " I say and go downstairs today is going to be a long long day I mean it .....

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