The One

Hey my name is liz well Elizabeth to be exact . I'm 17 years old and I live in a mansion I know cool but not really to me mum is allways in work as a fashion designer and dad owns a business and I only see him 2 times a years so its weird calling someone dad that you never knew .I'm a tomboy and I love football and surfing . I guess you could say I'm popular at school everybody wants to be my friend but I only have 4 best friends Lu, Molly, Sofie, Katie and Jess they are the best friends and help me when my perents are gone . That's all I guess you need to know.


22. fashion week

Chapter 22

"Bye see yah later peps " I called and got in my car closing the door and driving home homework homework loads at least I'll be home alone that means chocolate time I go press the buzzer say my name and it opens I park my car and open the door to smell mums expensive thousand dollar perfuem filling the house strange she wasn't supposed to come home so early I go in the living room and see her talking to John " he mum " I say " oh.. hey sweetie come sit down I have something to tell you " she says happily and pats the sofa beside her I go and sit down " well I have noticed that I haven't spent muh time with you so... you are coming tommoro with me to paris fashion week and I have talked to a special person like Cristiano Ronaldo and heel be there and he wants to meet you " mum says and I was speechless " omg mum I love yo so so muh " I say and hug her " well go pack honey I love you too " she says kisses my head and I run up thw stairs.


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