The Sisters of Black

Meet the three black sisters: Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda. Otherwise known as: Bella, Cissy and Annie. This is a story about the relationship between these three sisters, and how it crumbles through political alliances, marriages and the ultimate evil of Lord Voldermort.


2. Dinner at Malfoy Manor

“I’m sorry Ted; I’ve got to go.”


“Yes, I’ve been invited for dinner at Malfoy Manor.” Andromeda squeezed Ted’s hand and pecked him on the cheek before standing up to leave. They had both been snuggled up on the couch in Ted’s living room watching a romantic comedy which was just over.

“Do you want to go?” Ted asked her.

“Well no of course not.” Andromeda said. “I hate the Malfoys.”

“Then stay here,” Ted pleaded. “Please, just tell them you’re ill, that you can’t make it. They’ll understand.”

“Oh Fred, you know I can’t let my family down. This means a lot to Cissy and Bella.”

Ted gave up and gloomily walked her to the front door. “Annie?” he said before she turned to walk out.

“Yes,” she said.

“Do you think that there’s a chance your family would ever accept me?”

“Oh Ted,” Andromeda said with a sad smile.

“They won’t, will they,” He said. Andromeda looked at her shoes.

“Can you at least tell me when I’ll see you again? Annie?”

She did not answer him for she did not know. It was getting harder and harder to find time to spend with Ted, as her family did not know of him and their demands of her were increasing day by day. She looked into his eyes and said: “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said and pulled her into a kiss. Then with a sudden POP, she was gone. With a forlorn look in his eyes Ted went back inside his house.


It was a pretty night. The full moon was out and it shone down upon the colossal ancient structure that was home to the Malfoys. It was made of a dark aged stone; the doors and windows were arched in wooden frames with carved out serpents. The roof was a nesting place for large spiders. Heaps of thick white cobwebs entangled the many chimneys and the filthy rotting creatures moved between them; dragging their hideous hairy bodies along by their treacherous slimy legs. The gardens however were quite a different sight. They were not so disgusting but actually beautiful beyond compare to anything for miles around. Acres and acres of towering evergreens, elephantine marble statues depicting serpents and family members. The front yard was adorned by blossoming white roses and many blue orchids. A white marble path lead up to the grand front door and three young women now proceeded down this path.  

Lucius Malfoy was seated round a large circular wooden table. On his right side sat his father Abraxas and on his right sat Lucius’ mother Abril. Opposite them sat two of Lucius’ sisters: Meliora and Urbana. The door to the hall opened and the butler Don led in three guests. Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda. Lucius got up from his seat and came over to greet them. He kissed Narcissa’s hand and then led them to their places. Narcissa sat on Lucius’ left and Bellatrix and Andromeda sat on the other side of her. There was no need for introductions as everyone had already met, instead drinks were served out and piles of hot steaming food appeared magically before them.

“Where is Quintessa today?” Narcissa enquired. Quintessa was Lucius’ third sister.

“Oh I’m afraid she was unable to make it,” Meliora explained. “she has a terrible case of dragon pox you know.”

“What a shame.”

“Good,” Bellatrix suddenly blurted out, to Narcissa’s shock and horror. “Didn’t like her much; last time we were round she wouldn’t shut up about politics. I mean really? How boring.” An awkward silence followed until Bellatrix picked up her cutlery and began munching away on her food again, so that the sounds of her chewing seemed to magnify in everyone’s ears. To make matters worse she was chewing with her mouth open. Bellatrix just didn’t see what was wrong with it.

Lucius attempted to lighten the atmosphere with a long laugh in which his two sisters and Narcissa joined in with. “Good old Bella, never afraid to speak her mind.”

“Indeed,” Narcissa glared at her sister through gritted teeth.

“You’re quite right of course. Let us not lie; Quintessa does have an obsession with politics. Let’s be glad she isn’t with us to spoil the atmosphere tonight.”

They all continued with their meal. When finally the meal was over Lucius led Narcissa out into the magnificent garden while the others stayed indoors to engage in light talk. Bellatrix did not generally say much but simply rocked from side to side on her chair, trying desperately to look out the window to get a good view of the garden, and of Lucius and her sister. So far however she was not doing very well as Urbana had an unusually big head.

“So Annie,” Urbana said to Andromeda. “You’re so beautiful my dear, tell me. Are you courting anyone at the moment?”

Teds adorable face filled Andromeda’s mind and her heart ached for him. She wished she could be with him at that very moment. “No,” she lied. “Not at the moment.”

“Well you should be,” Urbana said. “A fine young women like yourself cannot stay single. “Dolohov is a striking young man, would you not go for him?”

“Well…” Andromeda was beginning to get uncomfortable.

“Ooh, I tell you what. I’ve got a very handsome cousin who’s coming to stay at mine next weekend. His name is Telemachus and he’s just gorgeous. Takes after me of course!” She giggled at her joke but Andromeda was hardly listening. This was all just stupid babble to her. She really wanted to leave.

Bellatrix had left the table and was peering out of the window. She was intent on watching her sister’s big moment.

Urbana continued to babble at Andromeda and she couldn’t take it anymore. She had a headache coming on too. She was just about to excuse herself when a massive bang and the shattering of glass filled the air. Then there was a humongous scream and out of the corner of her eye Andromeda saw Bellatrix flying across the room; she was waving her arms like a maniac.

Everyone jumped up from their seats wands raised. It was a false alarm however. Nothing but a swarm of bats had entered the room. They circled the great hall before flying up to the rafters. Bellatrix picked herself up off the floor and glared at them. “Disgusting things,” she muttered.

Then Lucius and Narcissa came back in from the garden and they broke the big news. Everybody clapped but a piercing scream split their applause. Bellatrix was howling in rage. “How dare you!” She screamed. “How dare you! How dare you!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Bella I thought you were happy for me,” Narcissa said with her eyes wide.

“A bloody bat just did its droppings in my hair!” Bellatrix screeched.

“Oh,” everyone said, except Andromeda who was trying desperately to supress her laughter. Bellatrix stormed from the room.

“Please don’t’ pay much attention to her,” Narcissa said. “She’s been going through some err.. rough times lately. That’s all.”

But so it was that Lucius and Narcissa were now engaged. As Andromeda stared at the ring on her sister’s finger she felt a tremendous passion build up inside her. She herself wanted to be married more than anything. But not to Dolohov or Telemachus. To the man she loved more than anything else in the whole world. But their relationship unlike her sisters’, was doomed from the start.


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