The Sisters of Black

Meet the three black sisters: Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda. Otherwise known as: Bella, Cissy and Annie. This is a story about the relationship between these three sisters, and how it crumbles through political alliances, marriages and the ultimate evil of Lord Voldermort.


1. Bellatrix brings news


“CISSY? CISSY? Are you in Cissy? Cissy?” The impatient croon of Bellatrix Black echoed down the hall, all the way to the dining room where Narcissa and Andromeda were eating supper together. “CISSY!” Bella cried as she flung open the doors to the grand feasting room. “Oh and Annie you’re here too, how wonderful! This is splendid indeed.”

“Good evening sister,” Narcissa said in a very formal tone.

“Hi Bella,” Andromeda said quite cheerfully. “How have you been?”

Bellatrix ignored the question and slammed her two fists down on the table quite forcefully causing the plates and cutlery to rattle. “Guess what!” She cried, unable to hide her excitement.

“What is it?” The two young women both asked in unison.

“We have all been invited over to dine at Malfoy Manor this Saturday!”

“Oh how splendid,” said Narcissa.

“Yes indeed,” Andromeda said though she didn’t sound as convinced.

“Isn’t it just?” Bellatrix crooned in a dreamy and fervent sort of way. “Oh Cissy you know what this means don’t you.”

Narcissa looked at Bellatrix. “You think Lucius will propose.”

“Bellatrix screamed in her sister’s face: “Of course he will! It’s beautiful. Oh my dear Cissy this is the most exciting time of your life, is it not?”

Narcissa nodded bleakly. “Yes it must be,” she said.  

Both young women picked up their forks and were about to get back to their roast beef but suddenly Bella’s fists whipped back down on the table once again causing the silverware to fly from their hands and clatter on the floor.

“Oh really Bellatrix,” Narcissa frowned. “Try to act more decent.”

BANG BANG BANG. Bellatrix drummed her fists on the table madly like a baboon. “This calls for a toast!”  She declared. With that, she snapped her fingers and a scrawny little house-elf came lolloping into view.  “ARKLE,” she bellowed at the poor creature. “Bring us an entire barrel of the age old mellow wine my mother saved for her anniversary!”

Arkle the house-elf stared up at her in horror. “A-all of it, m-mistress?”

“Yes all of it you damned fool, get it now!”

“L-lots of v-visitors have we?” Arkle squeaked.

“NOOOOOOOO! You blithering idiot. “Next Saturday we’re going to dine with the Malfoys and Lucius will surely propose to Cissy. We’re celebrating my sister’s engagement, now get the bloody wine!”

“Yes at once mistress,” Arkle squeaked again and hurried off.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this Cissy?” Andromeda asked her sister. “Not that I want to put you off or anything of the sort, but you and Lucius have only been courting for three months and marriage is a very important step in your life. As long as you love him then I’m sure you’re ready. But if you don’t…”

She was interrupted by Bellatrix. “Of course she’s ready! Three months is long enough, she doesn’t want to lose him.”

“I’m just saying that..”

“WINE..” Bellatrix licked her lips. Arkle was puffing and panting under the enormous barrel he was carrying. He was quite a strong little elf but the barrel was truly gigantic. Bellatrix swiped it out of his little hands and kicked him away. Then she slammed the load down onto the dining table sending both her sister’s food flying high into the air and then smashing down on the floor.


“Oh Bella,” Andromeda chuckled. “You are funny sister.”

Narcissa scowled. “She’s an atrocity sometimes I tell you. Really Bella you must calm down. If you act like this around the Malfoys on Saturday I tell you Lucius will not be proposing to me. He is a very respectful man, I’m sure he won’t stand for your nonsense.”

Bellatrix guffawed. “Young Lucius will have nothing but awe for me, my dear. He knows that my allegiance lies with the dark lord and great one. He also knows how high up I rank in the great ones books. Believe me, not many get to where I am.”

Arkle re-entered the room carrying an axe. Bellatrix took it and swung it down on the barrel breaking off a massive chunk. Blood red wine gushed out onto the table and all three women held their golden chalices forwards and filled it to the brim. They then drank until they could no longer stand. When that time came, two of them retired to their bedrooms, while the other one just collapsed on the floor and stayed there until the next morning.


Chapter two coming soon:   DINNER AT MALFOY MANNER


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