The Sisters of Black

Meet the three black sisters: Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda. Otherwise known as: Bella, Cissy and Annie. This is a story about the relationship between these three sisters, and how it crumbles through political alliances, marriages and the ultimate evil of Lord Voldermort.


3. Andromeda's rude awakening

“Okay Ted, put on your coat we’re going out.” Andromeda startled her boyfriend who had been struck dumb over the television. He hadn’t even realised she had entered the house. “Annie,” he hugged her and when she tried to pull back he just kept her there in his strong arms, cuddling her.” “Alright Ted, alright,” Andromeda’s voice was muffled against Ted’s woolly jumper. “Why are you wearing this thing indoors?” she said. “I’m cold,” he said. “Just thinking about you going to that horrible place gave me the chills.” “Oh no,” she said sarcastically. “I guess it meant you couldn’t enjoy Aliens.” “Huh?” then he looked at the TV and got her sarcasm. “Oh come on Annie, I was worried, like really, really worried. Just because I was watching Aliens doesn’t mean I was thinking about you too. “Alright, whatever,” she made to walk out again but he grabbed her before she could and cuddled her for another five minutes. “Why were you so desperate to get out?” he asked her once they walking through St James’ park “I feel like I’m being suffocated. All the time. I can’t take being inside anywhere anymore. It’s too much. I think we need to go on a holiday Ted.” “I would love that!” He exclaimed. “I was thinking of suggesting it to you but I was worried that your family might get suspicious.” “Oh they will,” Andromeda smirked. “Bella will anyways, but I don’t’ care anymore; you only live once.” BANG. The explosion of flames had come from not far behind them and they turned around in shock. About two hundred yards away a thick evergreen was sizzling like a cracker, the pungent smell of burning wood and rotting pin needles permeated the air. “Teenagers,” Ted muttered. “No, not teenagers.” Andromeda’s voice was quick and panicky. “Witches!” “You always say that,” Ted said. “I know they’re magic and everything but still; muggles do harm to you know.” “Not like that they don’t,” Andromeda grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and they both sprinted through the darkness of the park, crossing over dimly illuminated patches of grass and gravel from the street lamps above. A few minutes later they had hurried out the back gate and were heading onto the road, but they had to stop short. The whole place had been blocked off with cones and policemen were standing around with grave faces, speaking into their walky-talkies. In the centre of their mist stood an overturned truck, metal containers of oil had spilled out onto the road and a bloody had was sticking out of the rear window. Andromeda felt intense unease. “Come on honey, lets just go back home,” Ted was leading her away as she quickly scanned the setting, dreading to find any sign that the culprit was one of her sisters. As she looked back at the hand her heart missed a beat. Where before it had been an empty hand, it was now clutching a bridled piece of paper, scrunched and folded, spotted with red marks, the paper, even in the dark she could see was faded yellow. It was a piece of parchment and Andromeda knew it was meant for her. An intense sickness came over her and she lurched forwards suddenly, spilling the remains of her dinner at Malfoy manor across the sidewalk. “Oh shoot,” she muttered meekly as Ted let her fall backwards into his arms. “Sh,” he whispered into her ear. “It’s okay; lets just get you home. “The paper,” she muttered. “That paper, I need it Ted. You have to let me…” and then she blacked out. She awoke with a headache, it felt as if hard icicles were digging into her scalp and her whole body was shivering violently. As she looked around her she realised that she was still on the sidewalk, but there was no sign of Ted! Where the hell was he? “T-Ted?” she called out uncertainly. Oh God, please say he’s okay! Please say he’s okay! What if its one of the death eaters behind this. What if they’ve killed him! Her breath quickened and she heard herself crying out with panic. “Ted!” she screamed. She saw two policemen turn around and start running towards her from further down the road. She scrambled up and began to run away, unsure of what they wanted. Andromeda vaguely remembered herself stumbling through the cones and falling down beside the truck, the bloody hand filling her vision, the stink of scorched flesh burning her throat. She ripped the paper from the bony figure tips and staggered away from the approaching policemen. Lifting herself up over a rail she slumped down in a cluster of Loral bushes just inside the park. Unfolding the note she quickly scanned it. Then she read it properly and then finally she read it properly again. To Andromeda, by the time you read this I will be long gone, so don’t’ try to look for me. I hope you enjoyed my little escapade with the oil lorry. It won’t be the last. If you want to survive in our world then you really need to get your priorities sorted and hanging out with muggles doesn’t score very highly with Bella Black. Unless you want me to tell your sisters all about you little muggle affair then meet me underneath London Bridge at 5:00 am tomorrow. There is something I need your help with. The message was clear but its author wasn’t. Andromeda hastily wiped tears away from her eyes. How had they found out about her and Ted? No matter who this person was, if one person knew about it, others could easily find out. That COULDN’T HAPPEN. Andromeda was determined not to let such a thing get out. There was no doubt that she had no choice but to meet this person under London Bridge tomorrow at the appointed time, but what did they want from her? And would she be able to give it? If not, then the end for her and Ted was already in sight. “Annie? Annie is that you? What are you doing in there?” Andromeda felt Ted’s hand pull her out of the bushes. Thank God he was alive.

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