Are you lying?

Sarah is attacked in the woods outside her house by what appeared to be a giant wolf but before the wolf strikes it stops. A look that Sarah can't understand passed between her and the wild animal and she begins to look for clues about the wolf's existence. Pulled into a complicated game of cat and mouse, can Sarah figure out the truth? Just an experiment, plz comment for new chapter. Enjoy!


2. The chase

The dark trees seemed to loom in over her. The shadows seemed to reach for her. Was that a growl? A soft padding of paws? Get a grip, Sarah told her self, just get a grip! You're just imagining that twig snapping behind you. There's nothing hiding in the tall, dark trees, preparing to pounce. She quickened her pace. More snow fell. More twigs snapped. Finally she could bear it no longer, spinning around and peering into the gloom. For a moment there was nothing except silence.  "Told you so." She whispered to herself. But then, to her horror, two red beams appeared. Eyes. What kind of creature had red eyes? It couldn't be anything good, that was for sure. A long threatening growl echoed through the trees. Sarah was shaking so hard her teeth were chattering. Without even pausing to scream, she ran.

It was definitely following her now. She could here it's panting breath and it's large, heavy paws, it's long howls and it's sharp, short barks. It wasn't just that though. It was almost as if she could feel it, bounding over logs and racing through the dark forest in pursuit of it's prey. In pursuit of Sarah. She was crying now, tears rolling down her cheeks and dripping of her chin. I'm going to die, she thought. I'm going to die, it's going to kill me, it's going to tear me apart. She sobbed in terror, but somehow these thoughts helped her focus. She wasn't going down without a fight. Jumping a fallen branch, for a moment she was in control. It was a race for her life and for Sarah, life was worth racing for until you dropped stone dead to the floor. But then it happened. She was a bird flying but then she was falling, as weak as an ant to stop her body falling to the ground and thudding onto the grass and the mud, helpless, lying on the ground among the leaves in a twisted and painful heap.In seconds it was there, slowing down until it was at a walking pace. There was no point in running, Sarah realized, not when it had already won.

As it drew near Sarah pulled out her mobile. No point calling anyone, she would die anyway, but at least she would be able to the beast that was to take her life. She shined the beaming light of the screen in the direction of the creature. She heard it, it was right there, behind the tree about to step out into the ray of light. And then it did. And she screamed. It's muzzle wrinkled as it snarled at the high pitch sound, it's ears flicking in irritation. Red eyes glared at her and slobber oozed out from in between it's bloody teeth and dripped over it's black lips, onto the floor. It's muscle - bound body towered over her and it's razor sharp claws were the length of her middle finger, lining it's four paws with deadly instruments. A wolf. But this wolf was unlike any wolf she had ever seen or heard of. The way it stood on it's two back legs, it's arms flexing, and the way it tossed aside the rabbit it had clenched tightly in it's fist, which was shaped in an odd way, definitely not wolfish. It's like a human, Sarah thought, like a, like a... She had to say it to believe it.


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