Are you lying?

Sarah is attacked in the woods outside her house by what appeared to be a giant wolf but before the wolf strikes it stops. A look that Sarah can't understand passed between her and the wild animal and she begins to look for clues about the wolf's existence. Pulled into a complicated game of cat and mouse, can Sarah figure out the truth? Just an experiment, plz comment for new chapter. Enjoy!


5. Saved

Sun started to bleed light over the horizon and Sarah blinked open her eyes in surprise.Saved by the sun. The night had been long and it was punctured by long tortured inhuman screams. She shivered as she remembered the events of the night before. Warm blood still soaked out of the scratches on her legs and dripped onto the ground and froze into odd scarlet pebbles. Then a shout echoed from the distance.

   "SARAH!" She scrambled up, wincing in pain and leaned heavily on a tree. She recognised that voice!

   "JOSHUA! HELP, I'M OVER HERE" She bellowed at top volume, then in a quieter voice, "Please."The crunching sounds of frozen leaves being crushed came from the left of her. "Joshua?" He burst out of the trees and pulled her to him in a bone - crushing hug which made Sarah yelp.

   "Oh thank God, are you ok?" Mum was so worried when I told her you hadn't come back last night. Although to be honest I can totally understand you storming out!" He was trying to bring a bit of humor to the situation but he was shaking violently and it was evident that he had been just as worried as Mum.

   "My legs." She murmured quietly then stumbled back and fell once again to the floor. Joshua took one look at her legs then scooped her up into his arms and started to run through the trees. "What's wrong?" All the blood from his face had drained away and she had never seen him look so worried. She glanced down at her legs and had to stop herself from throwing up. Yellow pus was trailing from the scratches and both her legs were bent out of place. "Ah. I see." Then she fainted.

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