Are you lying?

Sarah is attacked in the woods outside her house by what appeared to be a giant wolf but before the wolf strikes it stops. A look that Sarah can't understand passed between her and the wild animal and she begins to look for clues about the wolf's existence. Pulled into a complicated game of cat and mouse, can Sarah figure out the truth? Just an experiment, plz comment for new chapter. Enjoy!


1. No harm

 As Sarah stormed out of Gillian's house, she knew there'd be hell to pay. There had been weeks of planning involved to organize the family get together and her mother had worked especially hard to get everyone here. Well, almost everyone. She shook as she walked down the drive, the arguments that had shook the house and the storming rages of her brother had whipped up were terrifying. He'd be strolling around the woods with his mates right now, sniggering about how he didn't have to go but Sarah did. Well stuff that. Why should she have to put up with Gillian's boring conversation and Mark's snide comments about her appearance? Stuff all of it. She couldn't be bothered with any of it.

 Snow fell softly on the leafy carpet of the forest floor. Like a blanket, it cut out all noise from the rustling trees and any footprints left were swiftly covered by the falling snow. It was coming thicker now, and Sarah had to keep on shaking the snow out of her long russet - colored hair. She was definitely in for it now, the woods were forbidden for everyone, not just her. None dared to go in there normally but Sarah knew from experience how to avoid any wild animals and it mean't she got home 15 minutes quicker than she would normally. She was just skimming the edge of it, not going it too far, so where was the harm in it. She shivered again, but not from the cold. No harm at all.

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