Are you lying?

Sarah is attacked in the woods outside her house by what appeared to be a giant wolf but before the wolf strikes it stops. A look that Sarah can't understand passed between her and the wild animal and she begins to look for clues about the wolf's existence. Pulled into a complicated game of cat and mouse, can Sarah figure out the truth? Just an experiment, plz comment for new chapter. Enjoy!


3. Mercy

The werewolf dropped down onto all fours and slowly prowled towards her. She dragged herself backwards with her hands. It's back leg muscles bunched up and too late Sarah realised what it was going to do. The muscles released and propelled the nightmare of teeth and claws through the air. It landed heavily on her legs and Sarah screamed in pain as a disgusting snapping noise emanated from her legs.  Slobber dripped onto her jeans and the small part of her brain that wasn't frozen in panic issued a flicker of irritation. Those were new jeans! I'm about to die and I'm worrying about jeans Sarah thought. Go figure. The creature opened it's jaws wide and looked up at her as if to say; I'm going to eat you now and there's nothing you can do about it. Then the gleaming red eyes met Sarah's startlingly bright green ones. A gush of emotions Sarah couldn't understand flowed through her and without realising it she reached up and stroked the wolf's silky black fur. Both pairs of eyes turned shining grey in colour. Suddenly the wolf whimpered, and turning, it ran back into the gloom of the forest. There Sarah sat for an hour, to scared to move. Finally, she got to her feet only to scream in pain and fall back to the ground again as she realised with dread that something was wrong. Her legs were bent in an odd direction and a odd lump stood out underneath her skin. She was stuck, Sarah realised, and there was no way for her to get out of the forest. She was at the werewolf's mercy and she was begging that it didn't come back or she would be dead meat like the rabbit that lay discarded on the leafy ground.

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