Are you lying?

Sarah is attacked in the woods outside her house by what appeared to be a giant wolf but before the wolf strikes it stops. A look that Sarah can't understand passed between her and the wild animal and she begins to look for clues about the wolf's existence. Pulled into a complicated game of cat and mouse, can Sarah figure out the truth? Just an experiment, plz comment for new chapter. Enjoy!


4. Endurance

Cold, hard silence surrounded her as Sarah lay on the floor. Her teeth chattered and her whole body shook, making her legs twinge painfully. Shadows crept past her as the moon advanced slowly up it's invisible ladder into the sky. She should move. She knew she should move, should stumble on through the forest, should try to get out. But she couldn't. Life was a harsh, shining light that went too bight and too fast to leave any kind of imprint on you but the imprint lasted on the world forever. A simple thing but so beautiful. Snow drifted down and landed softly on her body. The light from her phone flickered and died. Blackness. Sarah endured.

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