The Black Secret

It was only him and you know, the other had left for ten minutes ago. He was just standing there. you shake a little inside when your eyes meet, he was all you want you think he was your only one, but you know there was something there not was right, he has a lot of secrets and you were afraid to ask. But all there was in your mind was ‘’why would he have secrets for me?’’ you didn’t understand it, you have so much fun with him for one month ago everything was so god, it was like you and him, him and you forever, but you could feel there was dirty secrets you never will new. He looks at you again, and asks ‘is there something wrong?’ you didn’t answer, he get closer to you he took his hand to your face and asks you again ‘hey babe what’s wrong?’ you looked at him and say with a little sadness in your voice ‘what are you hiding for me? Why do you have secrets to me?’ ‘He’s face start to change he gets dark under he’s eyes and then he said ‘I’m sorry’ *BLACK*


1. It could be him


One month ago

School start

You start at high school again, you have waited the whole summer for this day, because you have a great feeling about this year. It was your last year at high school after that you want to go to college. You where late so you run derived with your big brother (Klaus) to school, you should meet 8.00 am now the clock was 7.55 am, so you run from the parking spaces your best friend (Jenna) was there so you run over to her and give her a big hug you haven’t seen either the hole summer because her dad died when the summer started so she have spent the whole summer with her grand mom in Vegas. You walked into your class and then you see a new boy you haven’t seen him before, you asked Jenna how is that with a little dirty smile on your lips, Jenna said ‘ I think it’s the new boy you go for him?’ you pushed to her and fund a chair and took place and found your books.

Dear diary it was my first day bag to school it was so good, all my friends was there it was so good! But my ex (Taylor) was there and maybe I’m over him I know it was me there break up but, I think that was the best for us, buuuut now there is this new boy in my class, he is so hot. I think I will go for him haha. Sleep tight.

Jenna was not in school today and she’s didn’t pick up she’s phone. You go to your class you should have biology you hate biology. You should find a mate but Jenna was not there so you didn’t know what to do, the teacher asked you who there was your mate and you answered ‘emh I don’t know’ he looked at the new boy and said you can be with Luca and you looked at him and was shaking inside, he was so hot. You have so much fun and could not take it serious. You talked so good, and you were so happy. He asked you ‘what you are doing after school?’ You looked him in his big blue eyes and said ‘nothing’, he smiled. But then Charlotte (the bitch) comes over to them and asked him ‘so are you going to join us after school?’ and he said ‘yes.’ You walked home and were so angry you hated that bitch.

*Nock Nock* you go downstairs and opened the door it was him your heart stops. You did not know what to say so you just stand there like an idiot he asked you ‘can I come in?’ and you said ‘ yeah sure’. Now it was only him and you, you asked him ‘what are you doing here? and how did you know that I lived here?’ ‘I just wanted to say sorry, I didn’t want to be with them after school but I’m new and I just want to be sweet so..’ you looked at him and said ‘it’s okay Charlotte always get what she want’ I stop the eye contact. He took my hand I took my hand to away, he was so cold. ‘but how did you now that I lived here?’ he said ‘it’s a small town, I just asked the first person I see, but I think I have to go now. See you tomorrow’ he smiled and walked out of the door.


Dear dairy He was so close to asked me to do anything after school but then the fucking slut Charlotte coms and asked him to do something, and he said yes, I was so mad. But then at the evening there was some one there nock on the door it was him! he just wanted to say sorry for that later. I think this maybe will be to something good! And I did not think about Taylor the hole day! Goodnight ♥


You started to date Luca, you were so lucky  and you didn’t think it could be better. It was the best time in your life. He was funny, smart, sweet all what you wanted. And you didn’t think about Taylor one sec when you were with him. But it was there you started to think there was something wrong, it was like he hidden something for you, you didn’t know why you fell like that you just did.

But then a day you walked over to him and then you saw him with a blond girl, she turned around and then you saw her face. It was Charlotte, you run home you was so sad and you didn’t know why he would do that to you? Why haven’t he told you that they were friends? You have so many questions but you where to mad to ask him. You didn’t know what to do..  




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