Black Bird

There has been death after death in the quiet town of Riverbay. The police are puzzled by missing bodies, hacked up remains, and dieing people on the streets. However, once they find these dieing people, they die instantly.

The police soon give up after no deaths are reported for about a month, but one detective isnt so sure. Elodie McMarry, or Bloody Marry as they call her, isnt so sure the violence is done and over with. How will she find this person who is on a killing spree? Will she even find him at all?!


1. Introduction

CLINK!  CLANK!  Arianna's shoes slammed to the hard ground as she ran as fast as she possibly could.  "H-HELP!"  Her voice rang through out her apartment building which was pretty empty.  The only person there was an old man; who was hard of hearing.


"Someone!  Anyone!"


Arianna ran through the building; up stairs, downstairs.  She did anything she could to get rid of this..... Black Bird.  Yes, a black bird and it was ravenous for blood.


Arianna ran upstairs.  Her heart beating faster and faster with every stair she climbed.  The bird chased her, it's wings expanding as far as they could go.  She reached the door to the rooftop, which she opened and slammed behind her.


Loudly, chipper squawks came from behind her.  She slowly turned around to find nothing other than many of the exact same bird that had been chasing her.  The black birds where Hidden from the view of the townspeople.


These monstrosities could only be one of the things the mad had called 'The Black Birds'.

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