Black Bird

There has been death after death in the quiet town of Riverbay. The police are puzzled by missing bodies, hacked up remains, and dieing people on the streets. However, once they find these dieing people, they die instantly.

The police soon give up after no deaths are reported for about a month, but one detective isnt so sure. Elodie McMarry, or Bloody Marry as they call her, isnt so sure the violence is done and over with. How will she find this person who is on a killing spree? Will she even find him at all?!


3. Chapter Two

McMarry drove to Riverbay High School.  Her daughter Alice had just got out of French Club and Finished Basketball practice for her big game coming up in a couple days.


McMarry stopped by the door.  "I thought you would never come." Alice said smiling.


"Well work kept me.  How was your day?"


"Pretty good I guess.....  Did you catch the guy that did it?"


"No, I'm not convinced it was him....  You know, he seems to have changed for the better.  He has a kid now ya know--"


"His own?"  Alice asked


"No.  He adopted her."


"Kind of like me, huh?"  Alice asked.


"Well not exactly....  I had certain things to get you... Like I went to--"


"Ok I dont really wanna hear about the process!"  Alice said fixing her long, straight, blonde hair.


McMarry had not really adopted Alice.  She was her own of course, but she had to go to certain places in order to have her child since she was convinced she's always be alone.


"Hey, mom?"  Alice asked


"Yes?" McMarry asked.


"Do you think he's out there?  I mean my dad?"


"We've been over this before, Hun, he was just a sperm donor.  I don't mean to be mean but he is just that."


"I know," Alice said, sitting back in her seat and putting the mirror back up, "I just....  Think of him as a dad."


"I know."  McMarry said, "I understand how you would, but any dad that doesn't spend time with his family isn't really a dad at all."  Alice nodded in agreeance.  She had always thought similar to her mother.  She hardly never disagreed for the most part.


"Did you ever find Aunt Arianna's body?" Alice asked.


"No, it's still missing, sadly."  McMarry's words where filled with covered up calmness.  However, Alice could see right through her.  McMarry, no matter how she tried to sugar coat things, was frustrated, angery, and sad that her dear, younger, sister would be killed by someone.


Arianna was kind to everyone she met, but she did have problems.  She was addicted to drugs such as Angel dust or acid.  Things that made her hallusinate.  Sometimes she would end up on McMarry's porch sleeping.  Other times her daughter Alice would find her walk her to McMarry's house.


Alice was never aloud to walk to Arianna's house, even with friends.  Arianna lived in the part of town no one should ever live in.  There where gangs, prostitutes, drug deals, and muggings on ever corner you passed.


Arianna was broke, so she couldn't afford to live anywhere else.  She had a small apartment that needed to be torn down, bad.  This was the cheapest place to live in and close to the place she worked at, which was a cheap dollar store.


Her daily routine was go wake up, eat, go to work, eat lunch with McMarry, go home, and have her fix.  All of this in just a seven hour span.


"Do you think....  Nah never mind." Alice said.  She stared out of the window.


"Do you think she had a hallucination before she died?...." McMarry finished Alice's sentence perfectly. "I expect that much."


Alice nodded still looking out of the window.  She had a feeling her mother would be right.  Her mom was always right with her cases and never failed when it came to catching someone.  Or finding out something that must be found out.

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