Black Bird

There has been death after death in the quiet town of Riverbay. The police are puzzled by missing bodies, hacked up remains, and dieing people on the streets. However, once they find these dieing people, they die instantly.

The police soon give up after no deaths are reported for about a month, but one detective isnt so sure. Elodie McMarry, or Bloody Marry as they call her, isnt so sure the violence is done and over with. How will she find this person who is on a killing spree? Will she even find him at all?!


2. Chapter One

"Another body, dismantled and spread over an apartment rooftop in a town called Riverbay; right up route twenty seven, was found about a week ago.  We're with Lilo Minarez with the story." 

The screen went from Chester Williams to Miss. Minarez, "So do you know where the person doing all this stuff is?  Do you know their name?"

The camera went to the chef of police, "The killings haven't been as recent as about a week ago, as you know... Uhh...  We have witness beliefs that the criminal will be at Sinderburge by tonight.  Sinderburge police will take care of it.  They're much larger in numbers and have very artful officers such as our own Fredu, Boyal, Revereze, and a lot more... uhh...  We believe the man responsible for this is Lorance Habitte.  He's been living here ever since he got out of jail--"


The t.v. cut off.  Detective Elodie McMarry looked at Habitte.  "You say it wasn't you.....  And yet, you ran?  Why is that?--"


"I didn't--" Habbitte interupted.


"You ran!"  She exclaimed.  She slowly raised her voice with each word, "If you're inisent why did you run?!  What would you be in jail for?!"


"I've been in jail two times!"  Habitte said, "Both thirteen years each since I was seventeen!  Both major crimes in this state; No one would be on my side!  No one would believe me when I said I would never do that anymore, that I've found God!  I have a wife and a four year old child!  I don't want them to find out anything about the past."


McMarry sighed, "Fine they wont know; I wont tell them anything about what happened.  But, I do need to talk to them about what they may know....."


"Alright."  Habitte said and put his head into his hands.


"But, Habitte, a relationship shouldn't have lies in it.  You have a family now, if you want to keep them it's better to tell them now than later."  McMarry held open the door, "Follow me, I'd like to talk to your daughter"


Habitte and McMarry left the room.  They walked down long halls that held skinny doors.  They walked past each tiny office room, about twelve of them, before coming to the entrance of the building.


"You're always full of ideas Miss. McMarry."  Habitte said, "I remember when we first met in high school."


McMarry chuckled, "Ya.  I've been the same since am I right?"


"No, your a lot wiser than a sixteen year old."


They walked over to Habitte's wife and daughter.  "What happened?  Why would they want to see my husband?"  His wife said spitting venom.  Her Spanish accent was thick but good enough you could understand her angry words.


"We just need to talk to him a bit."  McMarry said.  "Is this your daughter?"


"Ya."  said habitte.


His daughter stood up.  She had a pink dress with red hearts and white daisys.  Her shoes where white.  Her hair had black curls that hopped on her shoulders whenever she walked.


"What's your name?"  McMarry said smiling.  She nealed down to Habitte's daughter's height.


"Callie."  She said in a baby voice that was very high pitched and sweet.


"Do you love your family?"


"Ya." Callie said smiling.


"Do you guys watch tv. together?"


"Ya we watch spongebob and patrick." Callie said, "We also cook together.  Mommy says Imma good helper."


"What do you do?  What did you make yesterday?"


"We made pizza, and I helped put the cheese on the top."


"Oh cool.  That sounds fun."  McMarry said smiling.




"Does your dad help?"


"Ya.  We make the food together."


"Oh cool.  Does your dad have a job?"


"Ya,he leaves at nine in the morning and comes back at five."


"So you get to see him often?"




"Cool.  Well I got to go for now.  We can talk sometime later."  McMarry said.


"Okay."  Callie said smiling.


McMarry looked up stood up and looked at Habitte, "Well Ill see you when ever I see you."  They shook hands and Habitte and his family left out of the front doors.


"Nice job Elodie, you let him walk out."


"Shush Aglar, He's a good guy."


"Oh really?  Is that why he did those crimes back in 87?"


"Look, I know what Im doing...  Ive known him way much longer than you--"


"So you're just going to take his side?!"


"Look Aglar!"  McMarry exclaimed, "Dont judge someone unless you've walked in their shoes!  He cant help that he was like that!  For all I know he changed!  And I believe him!  Got a problem with that you can tell the boss for all I care!"


"I will."  Aglar said walking to their bosses room.


'I dont need his shit right now....  I need to find out why someone is killing....  Even in my home town of all places!.....  Damn.... I still have to pick Alice.'

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