Time To Meet Little Mix

Lola and Lexi are best friends and they both love Little Mix! They get a chance to meet them and go to their concert! So read this story to find out all about their amazing experience!


2. The Results

I called Lexi before I opened up the results. 

 Lexi arrived ten minutes later. We were both so excited and we opened it together.My blood was rushing through my body and I had millions of butterfly's in my stomach.We finally got it open it was golden with fancy writing on it.THe letter said


"Oh My God" screamed Lexi while squeezing my hand with excitement.

The letter also said that we would meet them on the 24th of October and it was now the 14th of October. We get to go in 10 days said Lexi. Then we started to wonder who would drive us.We asked if both of our parents could come and could Lexi's mam drive.Both of our parents said that it would be fine.I also asked if Lexi could stay over.

My mother said of course she could and so did Lexi's mam.

That night we had pillow fights and talked about what it would be like to meet them. We stayed awake until 3:25 just talking about what it would be like to meet them.My bedroom was covered with photos and posters of Little Mix I have all their songs, their albums and all of their products.

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed or anything well come to think of it I kind of am!!!

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