Time To Meet Little Mix

Lola and Lexi are best friends and they both love Little Mix! They get a chance to meet them and go to their concert! So read this story to find out all about their amazing experience!


4. The Big Decision

I didn't mind if Lexi didn't want to go.

I would be really really upset but I would be really really happy if she would go. Lexi said that she had made up her mind. She said that she would go to the concert. I was so happy I almost burst out with tears of joy.

It was 12:00 by the time we got going because we had to stop for petrol on the way there. We had mini TV's and we were watching a movie called snow pups. We were so tired that we fell asleep for half the time. 


Two hours later.....


We had finally arrived at the O2 arena in Dublin.

We went backstage and waited for half an hour.

It was really boring but while we were sitting down our mams gave us €25 each for bracelets and bands and t-shirts and some of it for sweets.

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