Time To Meet Little Mix

Lola and Lexi are best friends and they both love Little Mix! They get a chance to meet them and go to their concert! So read this story to find out all about their amazing experience!


7. After The Concert

After the concert we met them backstage again and we talked for awhile.Little mix went out of the room and left us with there boyfriends they are actually so sweet and Zayn was telling us how he proposed to Perrie its so sweet and he said we could meet One Direction if we wanted to of course we said yes.Sam and Jordan B were telling us about Diversity and whats its like preparing for their third tour.Jordan K was teaching us some soccer skills.We were asking them questions about the girls and they answered all of them which as so nice of them after talking and eating pizza with the boys . Then the girls came back.They asked us if we would go out to the hall because they wanted to talk to us.They said "we no you girls are really big fans and we were wondering if ye would like to stay on the rest of the tour with us and we asked your mams if it was ok and they said of course it is so what do ye think?" we said "of course we will" and started jumping around the hallway.


We stayed with them for the rest of the way.

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