Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


2. Chapter Two

“Goodbye, Adele,” my parents said together as we were standing at the train station.

“Goodbye, mummy.” I kissed my mother on the cheek while hugging her. “Goodbye, daddy.” I hugged my father.

“Take care of you, sweetie,” he whispered in my ear. I pulled away and smiled at him, “I will don’t worry.”

Then, my father held my mum close to him as she took a handkerchief out of her bag.

“Mum, don’t cry. I will come back to see you,” I muttered, giving her a wide smile. She wiped away her tears and nodded.

I stepped into the train, waving at them.

“Goodbye, I love you!!” I knew I just told my mum not to cry to I felt a tears stream down my cheek as I was yelling. I hoped they wouldn’t notice it.

“We love you too!” they shout back, waving as well.

I walked into the train and looked for my seat. Once I found it, I looked through the window and waved at them a last time as the train started to move off. I sat and opened my bag abruptly. I took the little envelopes out of it and started to unfold one. The sheet of paper was small but who cares? The only thing that matter is what is written.

But should I read them? I don’t know... They must have been hidden for a good reason. But why were they hidden? I need to know. These letters concern my mother but she has never read any of them. And I don’t understand why. Was it my father who put them in the garage? Was it him who hid them? If he did, it means he didn’t write them. Then, who did?

I took the envelope I had just opened and turned it around. On the back of it were written initials :



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