Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


12. Chapter Twelve

I rushed out of my room after quickly got dressed ; I didn’t turn the light on to not wake up Darcy.

But as I walked into the hall I bumped into someone; I tried not to scream too loud.

“Adele?” Darcy’s voice said in the darkness. “What are you doing here?” she seemed surprised.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her as well as I tried to look for the switch.

“I...I wanted to go for a walk,” she started her sentence but she stopped knowing she didn’t sound convincing enough.

“Darcy,” I sighed, “Tell me the truth.”

 “I am worried about dad; I tried to call him many times but he didn’t answer. I’m afraid he didn’t come back home.”

I finally found the switch; as I turned the light on I saw worry written all over Darcy’s face. I shook my head, sighing, “Why did they do that?” She raised an eyebrow, wondering what I was talking about.

“They? What do you mean?” she asked; but she looked like she was afraid of hearing the answer.

“Andrew didn’t come back home either; my mum called me a while ago. She is really worried. I’ll try to find him,” I told her and she nodded shyly.

“I understand but do you know where you could find him?”  I went tight-lipped; I hadn’t much idea.

“The train station, I guess.” She smiled weakly at me.

“I’ll go and look for Harry. On your side, try to find Andrew,” she said hastily. “We have to hurry; who knows what they could have done!” I nodded and we both rushed out of the flat.

Once outside, I turned left and started to run to the train station, trying to remember where the taxi drove past to get me to my flat. But it still was dark and the streets were empty. I should have asked Darcy if she knew where the station was.

I ran on the streets for a long time but I got lost; anxiety filled me quickly. What I was doing was useless; I was losing time. I stopped and tried to find where I was; how was I going to find my way to the station? I took my breath back while looking for a solution.

“Are you lost?” a familiar voice asked me, making me jump. I turned around hastily and found myself facing the man who hat sat down next to me on the train on my way to London. What was he doing here so early in the morning?

I nodded and explained him I what I was looking for.

“Well, you absolutely are not searching in the right place!” he exclaimed. Great; I hoped he wouldn’t tell me I am on the opposite side of the city.

“Go that way for about ten minutes- five if you run- and turn right once you are on a large avenue. The train station is on that avenue; you can’t miss it. But the avenue is very long,” he explained me.

I thanked him and started to run again as fast as I could; ignoring the throbbing pain in my chest.


Suddenly my phone rang; I stopped dead and answered, panting.

“Mum?” I stuttered, out of breath.

“Adele,” she said my name with a shaking voice, "There is no need to look for Andrew anymore.”

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