Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Darcy’s POV


Once we walked out of the building; I stopped for a while trying to think where to go first. There was no need to look for him at his house; he wouldn’t be there. What if he went to one of his friend’s house? I knew he almost always go to see them when he feels down. But would he see them for something as big as what happened? He just learned he had a daughter; he might feel like staying alone. But where would he have gone to stay alone?

What about...? Yes, it must be that!

I started to run on my right to the nearest underground station; I knew where he was but I can’t walk, it’s too far. I finally reached the entrance; I rushed down the stairs trying not to fall either. I went on the platform where there already were a few people waiting to go to work. I didn’t wait too long for the underground to come; I stepped in, feeling more impatient than ever. I hoped he would be there otherwise I had no idea where to look for him.

Fifteen minutes later, I rushed out of the station and ran to the place I was excepting him to be. As I got closer I first thought there was no one but I noticed someone was lying on the grass; I sped up, wondering why he was lying there. I reached his side and knelt down next to him; his eyes were closed but I noticed he was breathing slightly.

“Dad; wake up!” I shouted. I waited a short while and he finally opened his eyes slowly. He looked up at me and smiled weakly, though his smile didn’t reach his eyes. He sat up and stared in front of him; the lights of the city reflecting on his face. I knew he loved that place; he brought me here many times when I was younger and we stayed there for a long time just watching around us. Right in front of the small park was standing Towers Bridge which was completely illuminated and its reflection was shining on the Thames below. This place was mesmerizing and he often told me that seeing that was taking his worries away.

“I didn’t mean you to worry about me, Darcy; I’m sorry,” he muttered still looking ahead. I sat down beside him and shook my head.

“I understand you want to stay alone but it is not the best moment for you to stay on your own; it won’t change anything. You just postpone the moment you will have to face the reality by running away like that,” I sighed. He turned his head and stared at me before looking down at his hands.

“What am I supposed to do?” he whispered. “I have a daughter I know nothing about; her mother is the woman I never stopped loving all this years. I don’t even know myself why I ran away.”

“You ask me what you are supposed to do? But you said it yourself; you have a family now! After all those years, you have what you dreamed to have; don’t waste your last chance to be happy!” Why did he doubt? I knew it was a shock for him but he suffered from this love all his life; he has to put an end to this pain now that he knows the whole truth.

He smiled but this time it reached his eyes.

“I’m glad to have you in my family; I love you Darcy!”

“I love you too Dad,” I smiled back and hugged him. Everything will change now that he has another daughter but I’m glad Adele and Lucy will be part of our family.

He stood up a while afterwards and said firmly,

“I’ll go and see Lucy; you’re right, I can’t let that chance pass by. I think it’s time for the both of us to talk.” I nodded.

“Go then! I’ll try to find Adele,” I replied as he walked away.

Then, I took my phone out of my pocket and called Adele; did she find Andrew?

“Hey Adele,” I started to say but she cut me off.

“Did you find Harry?” she asked me hastily.

“Yes, I did. Did you find Andrew?” I could sense there was something wrong in her voice when she had talked.

“Great! No, I didn’t; I don’t have to look for him anymore. Mum kinda found him.”

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