Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


10. Chapter Ten

Both Harry and dad crossed their arms on their chests as mum started to explain; looking at  Darcy and I,

“Everything started when we were 14 years old; the three of us were in the same school since a long time. Andrew was my best friend and Harry was my boyfriend. You can think it was young to have a boyfriend and you can also think this love would never last but it did.” She paused and corrected her sentence, “To be honest, it could have lasted much longer but Harry auditioned for the X-Factor two years later and I assume we all know what happened afterwards.” I interrupted her, surprised,

“Hang on; there already was X-Factor when you were young?” Both Harry and mum burst out laughing.

“Of course there was!” Harry exclaimed hardly as he couldn’t stop laughing. I nodded and waited for my mother to carry on; I noticed dad had stayed still.

She finally calmed down and kept explaining, “Harry and I weren’t seeing each other anymore so we both agreed it would be better to break up. The years afterwards were the saddest of my life; I was unable to get over Harry. But Andrew was still there for me; he always has been. By the time we went in college; we were going out together. I was happier and I nearly forgot Harry.”

I had a look at my father and saw his eyebrows were knitted; this wasn’t a good sign. I wanted more than anything to hear the rest of the story but on the other side, I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to be told it.

My mother took a deep breath before carrying on; at the same moment, Harry looked down at his hands, looking embarrassed.

“In our last year of college, Andrew had to go on a short training course. So he went for three weeks in Edinburgh. At the same time, Harry came back for a short time in Holmes Chapel and we accidentally met. I swear I didn’t know he would come!” she added hastily; my father seemed to be boiling with anger.

“I thought I didn’t love him anymore but I was wrong; at the very second I saw him I fell in love with him again,” she said in a whisper, avoiding my father’s look.

“Don’t tell me...” he stuttered. I put my hand on his arm and he slightly calmed down; enabling my mother to keep explaining.

“I am really sorry, Andrew; I couldn’t help loving Harry,” but she didn’t dare to say anything else.

Harry carried on for her, “We went out together when you were away. But then, I had to get back to London. I worked there for a long time and, about one year later, I came back to Holmes Chapel. But you both were gone. That’s why I went to see Lucy’s parents to ask them where you were but they didn’t tell me, they didn’t want to. “

My father looked daggers at Harry but the latter ignored him and explained the rest,

“When I finally found out; I wrote letters to Lucy and gave them to her parents so that they could give it to you. But you never replied me,” I could sense sadness in his voice as he looked up at my mother. She was looking surprised.

“What letters are you talking about? I never got any,” she told him awkwardly.

A tense silence followed; dad was staring down at his arms while mum and Harry were looking intensely at each other.

“The letters I found in the garage. The letters that were hidden from you; that’s what he is talking about.” I gasped and put my hand on my mouth; I didn’t mean to say it aloud. Mum turned quickly toward me and spat,

“What did you say, Adele?” I was about to answer but she stopped me.

“Andrew; what does that mean?” I had never seen her so angry.

“Your parents didn’t give them to you; they gave the letters to me. They must know what there was inside and decided to give them to me because I was your boyfriend. I hid them; that’s true. Don’t blame me for it; I was jealous; I didn’t want you to fall in love with Harry again. But it seems it was too late as you cheated on me when I was away,” Andrew said the last sentence with sarcasm.

Mum didn’t say a single word; it seemed the only thing she wanted to do was to slap dad.

“Why were you jealous? She loved you anyway! If she didn’t she wouldn’t have gone out with you,” Harry sighed, annoyed.

“Don’t you dare talk to me!” dad exclaimed with anger; his fist clenched.

“I don’t see why you’re complaining; she loved you. You spend most of your time with her while I live on my own with no one to love! I can’t stop loving her; I should be jealous of you!” Harry spat at him.

“Don’t you realise you are a blessed man! You have a loving wife; a very nice and beautiful daughter ...” But he was interrupted by mum who had coughed.

They both turned their head to look at her, a wondering look on their faces. But she avoided their stares. Dad opened his mouth but shut it afterwards without talking; it seemed he couldn’t find his words. Then he stared at Harry for a long time, his eyes wide opened.

Soon afterward both of them turned their heads to look at me; doubt written on their faces.

And then, I finally got it.

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