Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


9. Chapter Nine

I stared at her with both excitement and anxiety; what was she going to tell me?

“First I want to apologize; I didn’t mean to hang up so abruptly but your father had just entered the room so I couldn’t carried on,” she started to say.

“Is there something Dad shouldn’t know?” It seemed both my parents were hiding things one another.

She was about to keep talking but she didn’t; instead, she just stared behind me. I turned around and saw Darcy walking toward me with an awkward smile on her face. She reached our table and spoke; embarrassed, “Hey Adele! I don’t want you to think that I followed you,” she said hastily, “My father came at the flat about five minutes after you left and asked me whether I wanted to get a drink somewhere and I didn’t know you would be here too.”

“Don’t worry!” I smiled widely at her and she seemed relieved.

Suddenly, my mother gasped and I saw Darcy’s father walking toward us.

“Here you are, Darcy! I thought you were gone!” he teased her as he stood by her side. Then, he turned his head toward me and my mother and gasped as well.

His eyes met my mother’s and time seemed to be frozen; none of them blinked.

“Lucy,” he whispered.

“Harry,” she said in the same tone as him.

“Hang on, do you know each other?” Darcy exclaimed; pointing them both out. She must even be more surprised than I was right now. She sat on a chair beside me; waiting for one of them to answer. Her father sat as well; without stopping staring at my mum.

“Yes, we do know each other, dear,” my mother answered her, finally looking somewhere else. Darcy clapped her hands excitedly.

“Really? That’s great! How do you know each other?” she exclaimed.

“Yes; good question. How did you meet?” I said with sarcasm; it was time for me to know the truth. And it would be even better as Mr. Styles was here too.

“I have another question for the both of you,” a sharp voice said behind us. I turned around and saw my father, looking with an angry look at Harry. My mother stood up but didn’t move toward him.

“Andrew? What are you doing here?” she asked nervously.

He didn’t answer her but kept looking nastily at Harry.

“Dad; why are you here?” I tried to sound thrilled; if he was here it would mean mum would probably not explain me anything.

“Lucy left the house in a hurry; it was obvious she had something important to do; but I know her. This means as well she hides something. So I followed her; I saw her take a train to London so I took the next one. Then, I knew she would come to see you. I waited near your building until I saw both of you leave. I would probably have gone back home but then, I noticed Harry entering the same building so I decided to follow him instead and here I am now.”

I nodded awkwardly. He moved toward the table and sat down. My mother watched him do so and then, she collapsed on her chair; she was blank.

A tense silence followed and no one dared to say anything. But, after a while, my mother sighed.

“It’s time to put an end to that silly situation, I guess.” She took a deep breath and carried on, “Right; I will tell you all the whole truth.”

“The whole truth?” both Harry and my father said together. She stared at my father and then at Harry and nodded,

“The whole truth; there are a few things that none of you knows.”

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