Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


4. Chapter Four

I sat down on my bed and took my phone out of my bag. I dialled a number and waited to be answered.

“Adele! How are you, sweetie?” I heard my father’s voice shout.

I laughed gently; my parents must have been glued to the phone all day waiting for my call. “I’m fine since we last saw, don’t worry. Sorry I didn’t call earlier; I spent a while with my new flatmate. She’s a really nice girl! I can’t wait to know her better!” I exclaimed on the phone, making my parents chuckle.

“It’s great to hear that everything is going good for now,” my mother told me.

“I’m only here since a few hours, you know!” I giggled.

“So, how did your journey go?” my father asked me curiously. I didn’t answer straight away.

“Ermh... Very well! I talked all along with my neighbour; he was a very nice man,” I stuttered. I knew it wasn’t true; the old man did a monolog.

“Ok!” They both exclaimed together; they hadn’t felt I had lied.

Then, they started to tell me about a conversation they had with the mayor of the city after I left. I sighed knowing that this call was about to last a very long time; like every time they started to speak about any conversations they had.

“Adele,” I heard Darcy’s voice whispered as she opened the door slightly, “do you mind my dad coming to eat with us tonight? I promised him he could come once I’d be living here.”

I put my hand on my phone and nodded,” No problem! He can come! But is there anything to cook in the kitchen?” I asked her.

She thanked me but told me she hadn’t had time to buy any food.

“Why don’t we go buy something then? Before the stores shut,” I suggested her.

She smiled widely, “Sure! I wait for you in the living-room!” And she walked away, closing the door behind her.

I sighed with relief, happy to have an excuse to put an end to that call.

“Mum, Dad, I have to buy a few things to eat for the dinner. The father of my flatmate is coming to eat tonight and there’s nothing in the cupboards,” I interrupted my mother.

“No problem, love. By the way, what’s your flatmate’s name; you didn’t tell us?” My mother asked me gently.

“Darcy; Darcy Styles. That’s a nice name, don’t you think?” I replied.

But none of them spoke; I only heard them gasp. Did I say something wrong?

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