Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


15. Chapter Fifteen

A.N : When I asked with whose POV you wanted me to write a chapter; I have been answered Darcy’s and Adele’s mum’s ones. I wrote in Darcy's one. Here is the other one then!! Enjoy the chapter!


Lucy’s POV


I ambled along the streets, not minding rain pouring down on me. Luckily I hadn’t missed my train; otherwise I would have stayed in London. And I didn’t want to. I had to come back here as soon as I could. I needed to get away from the mess I had made there. I couldn’t stand their hurt look on me, though I understood why they were blaming me. Yes, I lied all those years but I had no choice. And I deserved all this hate. I could keep it any longer; only one person knew but I needed the right people to know. I couldn’t hide it any longer; it was better for them to know. If they had found it out by themselves it would have been worse.

For now, I needed someone to talk to; someone who had stopped blaming me for that truth years ago. I needed to empty my mind after all that happened today. First, I said the truth to Andrew, Harry and Adele. Then, I noticed Andrew hadn’t come back home even though I knew he had taken the train before mine. But afterwards, I had found him again. Well, not really. I found out he wasn’t gone away as he came back home later.



Nevertheless I had lost him forever. I had been standing in the kitchen when I had heard a loud noise. I had walked toward the front door and caught a glimpse of Andrew rushing inside the house. He had made his way upstairs but I hadn’t followed him. A short while afterwards, he had got back downstairs where I had been waiting for him. He had been about to open the door but he had stopped, his hand on the handle.  “I should have done it years ago. I have been patient enough but I guess it’s time for me to leave. When we got together all those years ago; you were completely torn apart but I mended your heart. I have been by your side at your weakest but it seems it didn’t mean anything to you. At least, you opened my eyes; now I know I wasted a massive part of my life for you. Farewell, Lucy,” he had spoken before getting out of the house.

I didn’t run after him; it wouldn’t have been the right solution. He had been right; I hadn’t deserved him. He is better off now.



I finally reached the place I was heading to. I walked toward the front door and rang. I looked at the small ring bell button on which the familiar surname was written: Tomlinson. Then, I heard footsteps and the door swung open.

“I knew you would come.” A warm smiled appeared on the familiar’s face.

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