Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


11. Chapter Eleven

We all stared at mum in a tense silence that no one dared to break. I didn’t know how I should react; but it seemed to be a harder question for my dad – should I still call him my dad actually?

Soon afterwards Andrew stood up, gave a nasty look at both Harry and mum and left. No one tried to call him back; we all were stunned. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off mum who was avoiding his look, tears falling down her cheeks.

A long while went by and suddenly Harry stood up; it seemed he was about to say something but he didn’t and left. Mum watched him walking away but didn’t move. Darcy didn’t follow him either; she must be pretty surprised of what had just happened more than I was. I decided to speak but as I was about to open the mouth, mum buried her face in her hands, sobbing loudly. I got up and moved closer to her but Darcy stopped me.

“She needs to be alone, I guess,” she whispered and I nodded; she was right. Then, both Darcy and I left.

None of you spoke while you headed back home; I was happy she didn’t ask anything. I wasn’t in the mood of giving any explanations; on the meantime what explanations could I give? I have been lied to all my life. We finally reached the flat; Darcy opened the front door and we rushed in; all I felt like doing is go to sleep.

I walked toward my room but Darcy called me back,

“Adele! Goodnight sister, then,” a weak smile appeared on her face as she spoke. I stared at her surprised before replying,

“Yeah; goodnight sis’.” And she walked away to her bedroom. I stayed a short while standing in the hall; she was right. We were sisters now; stepsisters was the correct word but still. I wasn’t single child anymore; I had a new family as a matter of fact.

Soon afterwards I went into my bedroom and collapsed on my bed, thinking. So many things happened; things that weren’t supposed to happen that way. What if I hadn’t found these letters? I would still be living in a false world based on lies. If I hadn’t found this letter I would never have known the truth. I knew mum wouldn’t have told me anything.


I barely slept that night; I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had been told. I looked at my alarm clock: 5 am. I was exhausted but unable to sleep. I sat up on my bed and took my phone which was on the bedside table; I may fall asleep if I listen to music. But as I unlocked it, it rang, making me jump.

It was mum. I answered but she spoke before I could open my mouth; she seemed to be crazed.

“Adele! I am so worried!” she exclaimed hastily.

“Calm down, mum! What’s happening?”

“It’s about your d...Andrew,” she corrected herself. “He didn’t come back home! He is nowhere to be found!”

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