Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


8. Chapter Eight

“How do you know him?” I asked her hastily but my question stayed answerless; she had hung up. There must be something she didn’t want me to know; something I should not ask. I sighed and sat nonchalantly on my bed; I was so close to know the truth! To me, it was sure Harry Styles had written those letters but I still didn’t know the whole story and it was stressful; I need to know. Even if it was my parents’ business – mainly my mother, though- I thought I had the right to know.

I heard a knock on my door and Darcy opened it.

“Is everything alright?” she asked as she saw me on my bed; lost in my thoughts. I stood up quickly and nodded, “Everything’s fine; don’t worry! I was... I was just thinking about a few things!” I answered hastily and I saw her smile straight away, looking relieved.

“I’m going to go and look for a grocery shop nearer the flat; just to let you know I’m leaving!” She waved and walked away.

I heard the sound of the front door closing and sat back on my bed. I took my laptop and looked for songs to listen to. I went on You Tube and entered a name in the search bar; then I looked for the whole albums and started to listen to them. I wanted to hear what songs Harry Styles sang when he was young. I turned the music up and lay on my bed.




“Adele! Wake up!” I felt someone shaking me by the arm. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Darcy’s face over above mine.

“You have been sleeping for a long while!” she exclaimed, giggling. “I didn’t want to wake you up but there is someone who came to see you.” I stood up hastily and followed her into the living-room.

On the couch was sitting my mother. She got up straight away when she saw me.

“Thank you very much,” she told Darcy before turning back to me, “Do you mind if we go and drink something? I know a cosy coffee shop not far from here!” I nodded agape.

I grabbed my coat and we walked out of the flat in silence. None of us spoke as we were heading toward the place even though there were hundreds of questions I wanted to ask her.

We finally reached the place and sat down; then we ordered and still none of us talk. It was getting pretty awkward; she just as in front of me, smiling.

We were brought our drinks long minutes afterwards. I was about to talk but she was faster and started to speak,

“Adele,” she paused a short while, “I owe you explanations, I guess.”

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