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A normal girl who moved away from her dad because he is marrying a new woman to LA alone, meets friends that introduce her to Justin Bieber.


3. Justin Bieber


“A girl could be sitting on her computer trying to get noticed by me, and not knowing she’s the future Mrs. Justin Bieber.” 

-Justin Bieber


Chapter 2 - Ellie’s P.O.V


After school I went home to get change and since I went to school without make up I came to Amy’s house without make up. I just can’t be bother and since we’re just going to hang out so I don’t think I have to look pretty. I got out my phone to check if this is the address Amy gave me after I’ve been trying about 20 minutes walking around finding her house. It ten to five so I’m ten minutes early better than late. I rang the bell ‘Ding Dong Ding Dong’. A few seconds later someone opened the door.

“Can I help you?” he asked. He looked really familiar but because he was looking down at his phone playing games I couldn’t see his face clearly.

“Um, is this Amy’s house?” I asked and he slowly looked up. I think half of the girls in this world would die to stand here right now.

“Yep, come on in” he said and step aside to let me in. He leaded me to the living room. Amy was playing X box with one of the guys.

“Oh my god you’re here” Amy said and hugged me

“Okay, guys listen. This is Ellie and she is from Canada like you Justin.” she introduced me to everyone in the room and looked at Justin when she said just like you Justin

“Hey” I said to everyone and smile

“Where in Canada are you from?” Justin asked me

“London, Ontario” I answered

“Cool, I’m from there too” he said and I smiled back

“You’re friends with Amy?” I asked 

“Not really, I’m friends with her brother, Chad. That dude over there.” he explained and pointed at a tall guy with brunette hair talking to Amy.

“Cool.” I replied 

“Drinks are on the table on the left” he said 

“Thanks” I answered “I’m just gonna go get something to drink” I said to him

“Have fun” he said and walked to the couch in the middle of the room

“Hey goldielocks, come here” Justin said to Caroline when she walked into the room

“Oh my god, Justin” she ran over to him and they hugged

‘Beep Beep Beep’ my phone rang and because the music is so loud in the living room I walked to the kitchen next to the living room.

‘Hi dad’ 

‘How are you Elle?’ my dad usually call me Elle, it’s like my nickname

‘I’m fine, how are you?’ 

‘I’m great. So I called because I wanted to remind you that Me and Meredith are getting married next week.’

‘How can i forget dad, I’ll be there. I promise.’ 

‘I love you sweetheart’ he said to me but I didn’t reply I just end the call.


“Hey, what are you doing sitting alone in the kitchen?” Justin who came into the kitchen to get more beer saw me 

“Oh, my dad called” I said

“Is everything alright?” he asked

“Yea, yea. Hey can you tell Amy that I have to go?” I said to him

‘Beep Beep Beep’ My phone rang again and it turns out to be my dad calling again

‘Oh and one more thing I forgot to tell you, Meredith’s daughter, Madison wants to move to LA. She’ll be moving to your place after the wedding. Please make she feel welcome.’

‘Sure dad.’ I said to him 

‘Bye sweetheart, I love you and see you soon. Take care’ 

‘Bye dad’ I said him and let the tears run down my face

“Hey are you okay? Why are you crying?” He kept asking question

“Yea I’m fine. Just tell Amy that I wasn’t feeling well. Thanks. It was nice meeting you Justin.” I said 

“You can tell me anything, I’ll listen.” He said

“You go have fun, I don’t think you get much of a free time so enjoy it.” I said and trying to wipe my tears off my face. 

“I don’t think Amy will let you get out of this that easily.” he said

“You can’t spend time with me thought, I can make you feel better.” he said and smile


“Maybe you can tell me more about yourself and I’ll do the same” he suggest

“Sure” I said

“Why did you move to LA?” he asked

“My dad is marrying a new woman and her daughter is moving in so I didn’t really want to stay?” I explained

“So do you live with your mum here?” he asked

“Nop, I live alone my mum left me when I was 6” I told him and left more tears run down my face

“Hey, it’s okay. You’ll be alright. You’ll get through it” he said and hugged me. He let me cry on his chest for almost half an hour

“I think I’m gonna go. I have to clean up my place” I said to him

“I thought you just moved here” he said

“Oh my dad’s new wife’s daughter wants to live in LA with me. Isn’t that awesome?” I said and laughed

“I’d love to help but my flight to Canada is in 5 hours.” he said and putting on his sad face

“But I’d love to send you back to your apartment if you don’t mind.” he said

“Haha, if you want to.” We both walked to his car that was parked outside the house. A red Lamborghini  was parked with a guard looking after it. We got in the car 

“So where do you live?” he asked

“Just about 2 kilometers away” I said


Before he send me home, he took me to a coffee shop around the corner and his fans was crazy. Some of them were running after the car and some was crying. No body saw me though because I waited in the car because he said if I got out of the car his fans might attack me.

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