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A normal girl who moved away from her dad because he is marrying a new woman to LA alone, meets friends that introduce her to Justin Bieber.


2. Ellie Clark



“If me and my girlfriend were fighting, and it got to the point where she started crying, I would just shut up and hold her.” 

-Justin Bieber



Chapter 1 - Ellie’s P.O.V


Ellie Clark, that’s my name and I just moved to Los Angeles after my dad told me he is marrying a new woman. I spent the whole summer trying to be okay with it but me and my dad never get along so well anyways so I decided to move to LA, LA has always been my dream city. First my dad wasn’t okay with me living alone but I mean he is just pretending like he cares. My mum left me when I was 6 because my dad cheated on her. She left without saying any goodbye and that’s one of the reason me and my dad don’t get along. My mum never call me after she left or try to contact me. I don’t think I even remember her face. Los Angeles. What a beautiful city. The school I picked to go to is not famous and it’s not so big and tomorrow is my first day so I hope it will be good.


@Hollywood High School


I was walking to my history class which I have no idea where it is so I decided to ask one of the girls by the locker. 

“Hey do you know where History class is?” I asked 

“You must be new here, I’m Amy Cooper and this is Katherine and Caroline. We are just about to go to the history room.” Amy introduced herself and her friends while dragging me down the hall with her.

“So where did you go before?” Caroline asked me. Caroline is around 5’5 tall and her dirty blonde hair makes her dark blue eyes stands out even more.

“Oh, I went to Ontario High School in London, Canada.” I answered

“Oh my god you lived in London, Ontario?” Katherine asked

“Yea” I replied and smile




“Hey come sit with us” Amy said to me when I was walking past their table so I walked back and sat with them

“So how’s your first day?” Katherine asked me

“It’s been pretty good” I said

“Oh yea, you guys should come hang out at my place today.” Amy said

“Sure” Caroline and Katherine said

“You are coming too Ellie” Amy said to me

“Yea sure” I replied and smile

“So why did you move to LA?” Caroline asked me

“Well, my dad is marrying his co worker but I’m not quite okay with it so I moved here” I explained

“Cool, Alight I’ll see you guys later and I’ll text you my address” Amy said and I gave her my number. I said bye to the girls and headed to the English room which is my least favourite subject.

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