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A normal girl who moved away from her dad because he is marrying a new woman to LA alone, meets friends that introduce her to Justin Bieber.


4. Believe Concert

“If I notice a cute girl at meet and greet, I might go talk to her”

-Justin Bieber


Episode 3 - Ellie’s P.O.V


@Hollywood High School


“Hey Ellie what happened yesterday?” Amy asked me when I got out of the car

“Oh I wasn’t feeling very well. Sorry.” I apologize

“No it’s okay. Are you feeling good now?” Caroline asked

“Yea yea” I answered 

“I have tickets for Justin Bieber’s believe concert backstage ticket in Canada this saturday you guys have to come” Amy said

“I can’t” I said to Amy

“Why?! he is having a party after the concert. Please come” Amy said

“I can’t I have to go home my dad needs help with something. Sorry guys” I explained but I didn’t want to tell them it’s his wedding.

“But you’ll be in Canada. You’re coming” Amy said seriously


Believe Concert backstage @London, Ontario, Canada - Amy’s P.O.V


“Justin, Spill it” I said to Justin after I found out that he took Ellie home that day

“Spill what?” he said and laughed

“Come on Justin” Caroline helped me trying to get it out of him

“Where is she anyway?” he asked

“Home” I replied

“She’s not coming?” he asked

“I’ll tell you after you tell me” I said seriously to him

“What do you want to know?” he asked and smiled

“What’s going on between you guys?” I asked him

“Nothing, I just took her home” he explained

“Your turn” he continued

“She’s home in Canada because her dad needs her home but she’s not doing anything now so you should call her and tell her to come” I told him

“Hahaha sure, what’s her number?” he asked and I gave him her number. They will really make a cute couple.


@Home - Ellie’s P.O.V


‘Beep Beep Beep’ my phone rang after it’s been on silence all day. It’s my dad’s wedding today and he needed my help so here I am. I didn’t really talk to anyone at the wedding, all my dad said to me today was thank you for coming.

The number that called me was blocked.

‘Hello? Who is this?’

‘Hey Ellie’

‘Who is this?’

‘It’s Justin’

‘Oh hey, I thought you are having a concert.’

‘Yea you should come, party and forget about all the stuff at home’


‘I’ll see you soon. Call me or Amy when you get here’

‘Sure, see ya’

I ran downstairs to let my dad knows that I’m going out.

“Dad, is it alright if I go out tonight?” I asked but eventhough he said no I’m still going out

“Sweetie, I made you dinner you should join us” Meredith said

“Sorry, my friends are waiting” I said

“Where are you going?” dad asked

“Justin Bieber after concert party” I said

“You should take Madison with you she’s Justin Bieber’s fans” dad said

“Please” Madison said

“Sorry the party is invited only” I said and rushed out the door 


Believe Concert @London, Ontario, Canada


‘Hey I’m at the front door but there’s a long queue and I don’t have a ticket’

‘I’ll go get you’ Amy said 


After 5 minutes the girls was screaming so loud that I thought Justin was in the crowd. And I was right he was driving a golf car with guards standing around the car and he was driving my way.

“Hey get in the concert is about to start” he said to me

“Your fans are going to kill me Justin” I said to him while his fans are taking our photos

“Here, wear it” he said and handed me his sunglasses

“Thanks” I said and put it on

“Here I brought you Cinnamon Dolce Frappacino from starbucks. I don’t know if you like it but I got it from the internet” I explained

“Haha I thought you were one of my belieber” he said and laughed

We got out of the car and Justin had to go straight to the stage so I was in the dressing room with Amy, Caroline, Katherine and some of Justin’s friends.


After half an hour of the concert one of the staff came in to the room.

“Who’s Ellie?” she asked

“Me” I said

“We need you” she said

“Um, okay what’s going on?” I asked

“Come with me” she said and not explaining anything. She took me the side of the stage and Justin was on the stage walking to me

“So the next song is one less lonely girl” he said to his fans and took my hand.



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