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A normal girl who moved away from her dad because he is marrying a new woman to LA alone, meets friends that introduce her to Justin Bieber.


9. Ain't no I team

“Ain’t no I in team”

-Justin Bieber

Chapter 6 - Ellie’s P.O.V 


“Oh there was an eye lash on your cheek” I explained and tried to pull my hand out of his hand but he didn’t let me

“Justin Let go” I said

“Look the eggs are hatching” he said and I quickly look. When I turn my face back at Justin his face was so close to mine that our nose touches. We looked into each others eyes. He let go of my hand and move it through my hair and down my back. My heartbeat was racing. He slowly move his face towards mine. Closer and closer till our lips touches. He slowly pull his face back and I was confused.

“So you just want to be famous?” he whispered with his sexy voice

“What?” I was even more confuse

“Is popularity all you want that’s why you want to be close to me?” he asked

“What?!” I said and pushed him

“I guess it’s Madison” I said and he didn’t reply

“You know what I think I’m gonna go” I said to him, grabbed my bag and walk to the door. Before I got walk out the door Justin grabbed my arm.

“I’m sorry” he said and pulled me inside. 

“I’m really sorry Ellie” he said but I didn’t speak a word.

“I don’t want to be famous. Never want to” I said 

“I know I know” he said and pushed me against the door. He moved his body closer to mine that there’s no gap between us. He pressed his soft lips on mine and his hands on my waist pulling me closer to him. He slowly move his soft lips to my neck and his hands was trying to unbutton my shirt but before he take it too far I had to stop him.

“Justin, I’m hungry” I said to him

“So am I” he said and moving his hand around my back.

“Justin” I said his name and pushing his chest

“Fine” he said and pressed his lips on mine for one last time before letting go. He hold my hand and walk to the kitchen.

“So does EJ stands for Ellie Justin?” he asked and made me laughed

“Nop it’s for Ellie Janeane.” I answered 

“Janeane?” he asked

“That’s my middle name” I answered

“Cute” he said and start cooking

“So what are you cooking?” I asked and lean on the counter

“Spaghetti” he replied and walk to me. He pulled me closer and pressed his lips on mine

“Will you been my girlfriend?” he whispered and I giggled

“So not romantic” I said 

“You just ruined the moment” he said. We looked into each others eyes and I slowly move my face closer to his till our lips touches.

“Yes” I whispered

“Here, my super Justin’s spaghetti” he said and put the plate in front of me.

“Stop staring at me” I said when I caught him staring at me when I’m eating

“I’m not staring I”m gazing” he said

“It’s creepy” I said and continue eating

“It’s romantic” he said and smile


After we had our lunch, he asked me if I wanted to go to his studio with him because he had to record his new song.

“Yea, that sounds fun” I said

“Let’s go then” he said

Instead of driving to the studio we decided to walk because it’s not far from his house. There was couple of paparazzi taking our photos and asking questions but Justin didn’t answer any.

“Who is she Justin?” one of the paparazzi asked

“Are you guys dating?” another paparazzi asked

We walked into the studio and the first person I saw was Carly Rae Jepsen. She walked to Justin and said Hey.

“Hey Justin, Who is this pretty lady?” she asked and made me smile

“This pretty lady is Ellie” he said

“Hi” I said to her and waved

“Alright, I have to go. See you later” Carly said to Justin

“Bye” she said and waved at me. 

When Justin opened the door couples of his friends ran to us.

“Hey who is this girl?” one of his friends asked

“Is she the one you took to your after concert party that day?” the other friend asked

“Where did the blondie at the club go? I liked her” one of his friends said. Oh so there’s a blondie.

“And the hot chick with long legs?” the other one asked. And a hot chick with long legs.

“Shut up you all” Justin said to his friends

“Oh so there’s a blondie and a hot chick with long legs huh?” I asked 

“Don’t listen to them” he said

“Hey, this is going to take awhile will you be alright?” he asked 

“Yea, well it’s better than being home” I answered and smile

“I’ll ask one of the staff to get coffee you want some?” he asked me

“White chocolate mocha would be nice” I replied

“Alright” he said and lean closer to me but before he kiss me one of his friends threw a pillow a him so he had to stop

“Get a room Justin” his friend said

“Get the hell out of here” he shouted at his friend

“You sure you’ll be alright?” he asked again

“Yes Justin. I’ll be fine. I’ll just games on my phone if I get bored” I said to him

“Alright, I’ll be as fast as I can” he said gave me a kiss on my cheek.


2 Hours later - Ellie’s P.O.V


“Hey Justin, can I borrow your phone for a sec?” I explained. I needed to book a flight back to LA tomorrow but my phone is dead. I don’t want to be in Canada any longer

“Sure” he said. So I walked into the recording waiting for him to get me his phone.

“You can have my phone but you’ll have to get it yourself it’s in my pocket” he said and smile

“Just give it to me” I said to him with my puppy eyes but it didn’t work

“Just reach it it’s in my pocket” he said. I slowly put my hand into his pants’ pocket and got the phone out.

After I got his phone, I booked my flight at 1am tonight that’s the fastest I could get and I guess Madison will have to go there by herself. I’m not being the mean sister but her mother ruined my family.

“Here thanks” I said

“Did you find the blondie and the hot chick with long legs on my contact list?” he said jokingly 

“Nop” I said and he laughed

“I’m almost done, we can go have dinner together after” he said and gave me a hug


After Justin finished his recording we both walked out the of studio although it’s dark Justin gave me a pair of sunglasses. There’s was so many paparazzi waiting calling his name and calling me Justin’s girl. We was holding hands while walking although there was quite a big gap between us but because I’m not used to all the flash, questions and paparazzi talking photo I freaked out and I got nervous and I guess Justin felt my hand sweating so he pulled me closer and put his hand around my waist till we got to the restaurant. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was going to be paparazzi” he apologized

“It’s okay” I said to him and gave him a smile. Justin ordered the food while I was looking at the paparazzi outside the window. There are crazy.

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