Anything can happen

He throw Rebecca into a stranger who was in the pub with 2 other men.This stranger was a very old friend of Abbie called Louis.Rebecca recognised him as soon as she looked into his eyes !! Read this book to find out the whole story from the beginning !! this is only part of chapter 3 !!


4. The lock in

Conor got a random woman to lock the doors so that the police don't get in.Rebecca was going to tell Conor that she was pergnat with his child and that she was 8 and a half months.Louis was trying to comfort his baby sister Whitney who was only 5,as well as Rebecca who was starting to cry.Conor's mum Rachel was staying close to her young duaghter Alex.While Conor was threating his father,Rebecca was about to throw up. When Conor heard he hit his father with the gun and he fell down the staires to the celler.

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