You & I

Alexis payton is 20 years old world wide model. In photoshoots for vogue magazine cover , she meets justin bieber whos turn is next for some another magazine cover photoshoots. They met later in back rooms when theirs fotoshoots are over and justin asks if alexis wants to go dinner with her. What will happen. I can promise there were be something between them two.


4. washing dishes (--warning sexual--)

---- justins pown----

i carried her inside my house. we satted to sofa. "so are you hungry?" i asked. "yepp." she said. we walked to kitchen. i made some chiken and rice and she made salad. it was fun to coock with her. when we were full. "i can wash the disches." she said. "no you dont have to." i said. " justin. i want." she said. "okay. she went to  wash our plates. i walked to kithen i hugged her behind."justin, im busy." she said. "i know." i wispered but still hugging her tight. "justin i want to move." she said. "nope." i said. still not letting her go. then she blashed the soap water to my shirt. "oh no you didnt!" i said playfully. she giggled. " it seems like i just do, want so more?" she said and blashed more water to me. "now you are in big trouble miss." i joked. and splashed water to her. her shirt was wet and hair too. "you are in big trouple!" she giggled. i learned closer so her back was on kitchen corner. "im so scared." i joked. "yepp you are!" she laughted evily. "dare you to kiss me." she said. "easy, i have done it before." i said and learned closer to her,our lips were just to touch.


alexi's pown---


awwwnnn little justin realy thinks that im going to just kiss him. my plan worked. i noticed honey pot right next to my right hand. he was just about to kiss me. i took the boddle and pressed the bottle with force i could see sweet honey in his soft hair. his mouth hanged open. and he took deep breath, trying to act angry but it failed cause hi let little laught. "oh noooooooo!" he said. i giggled like crazy. he took egg and blased it to my head. "justiiiiinnn.." i  cried.  my hair was mess with egg on it. we laughted. and justin started to kiss me. i kissed back. the kiss was sweet and i could feel justin smiling in to kiss. "lets wash." he said. he took my hand and we walked to bath room. he took his shirt of and trowed it  away. holymother his abss. OMG. that sixpack. "like what you see?" he said. "naaah i have seen better."i played. "oh jeah you do." he laughted. and took his pants of. now he was on his boxers. i covered my eyes. "justiiinnnn." i said. "cmoon i know you like what you see. he came closer. kissing my neck. and kissing me. our tongues danced. his hand went under my shirt slowly i took it of. his arms were around my waist. our bodys were so close. no empty pace between us. i massaged my back. oh i can see where this is going. 'click' my bras felled to floor i covered my breasts and i was red like tomato. "you are beautiful."justin wispered to my ear. slowly his hands took my hands off my breasts. he stated to massage them while kissing me. i took my jeans of. now i was only wearing my panties and justin was wearing his boxers. i could feel his erection on my tights. "justin we need to wash, you are still covered with honey and i have egg on my hair." i giggled. he stoped and took my hand. he opened the shower and washed my hair and same time kissing my neck. i washed his hair and he washed mine. we were finish but we still kissed while shower was on. justin pulled shower of and took towel and tryed me. and his self. then he carried me bridial style to his bedroom and leaned me to his bed. he was right on top of me. kissing me. he sucked my neck. i let out little moan and closened my eyes. enjouning the every moment. justin started massagin my left breast kissing and sucking the other. i moaned little louder. i felt my nipples getting hard.and i was horny, my hands was on his soft hair. he leaned down kissing my stomack kissing my bellybutton. then hes hands went to my tights and  hes mouth kissed my women area. i moaned again. it felt so good. he entered inside me with his tongue making sircles on my clint. i moaned his name. i felt my self cumming. he licked every drop like tristhy dog. "justiiin... i need youu." i moaned. "patiently babe." he said. he kissed my mouth again i took his boxers off he kicked it to ground. he stood up and took condom and came again ontop of me. his member was big and hard. i felt my self getting weter only looking it. "let me help." i said. i took condom out his hands. and opened it with my teeths and rolled over to his cock using my mouth. his eyes were closen and he breathet heavily. then he lied down onto me. kissing my neck. i felt his cock entering slowly inside me. then suddenly he slammed it in quicly. i screamed. he went out and in speeding little each time. i was moaning. my eyes were closed tight. and my hands was  on his back. our modys moved in sync. i felt his cock going deeper in every trust hitting my g-spot. "justin im close." i moaned. "come with me." he said. "3,2,1!" he moaned. and we came, i felt him cumming inside the condom. we breathed hevily justin was still in me. "did you like it." he wispered to my ear. "i loved it." i said. "best sex i never had." i said. "no, love it wasent sex." he said calmly. "huh?" i asked. "it was making love." he said. "i love you." he said. "i love you too." i smiled. he leaned next to me drowed condom off and turned facing me his arms around me. "alex." he said. "yeah?"  i asked. "can you be mine girl." he said. i kissed him and said "i would love to." he smiled and hold me tighter. then we felled asleep. i felt safe in his arms, i felt loved and warm.

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